Finding New Course Links

Course links in the My Courses widget are organized by term unless there are over 25 course links to display. When that number is reached, the link organization changes from by term to search. 

There are two search fields on the Elearning Home page.

  • At the top, click "Select a Course" to display a search panel.
  • The My Courses widget also contains a search panel.

To find a course, enter a search term in either of the search fields on the Elearning home page, then click the search icon (the magnifying glass icon). Some examples are

  1. Enter the CRN, Course Title, or DEPT-XXXX, e.g. 45612, Environmental Biology, or BIOS-1050 (don't forget the dash).
  2. Enter YYYYss (where YYYY is the four-digit year and ss is the two-digit semester, e.g. 10=spring, 20=summer I, 30=summer II and 40=fall, e.g. 201740 for all Fall 2017 sections.