Giving a Colleague Access to Your Elearning Content

Instructors may need to give colleagues access to an Elearning course area so they can look at the content or copy it to their own course.

What you do

  1. Login to Elearning and go to the course your colleague needs to access
  2. Go to Classlist
  3. Click on Add Participants
  4. Click on Add an Existing User
  5. Enter the colleague's name in the search field and click the magnifying glass icon
  6. After the results of the search are displayed, click the box next to the colleague's name
  7. Select the role and section
    1. Use the Instructor role to give the colleague full access to the course, including the ability to copy all the content
    2. Use the Student role to allow viewing of the content only
  8. Click Save, then Done

What your colleague does

  1. Login to Elearning
  2. To view content, click on the link to the course with the content and explore
  3. To copy content, click on the link to the course without content
  4. Click on Edit Course
  5. Click on Import/Export/Copy Components
  6. Select Copy Components from Another OrgUnit (by default this already selected)
  7. Click the search icon or enter a search term (i.e. UNIV-1000)  and click the search icon
  8. Select the course to copy and click Add Selected
  9. Select Copy All Components or Select Components to continue