How to Use GoWMU

GoWMU, Western Michigan University's intranet, displays information to the user by their role at the University, i.e. student or employee, etc. Information is presented in the form of pages and within those pages, a series of portlets. 

Logging in to GoWMU

To log in to GoWMU, browse to

  1. Enter your Bronco NetID and click Enter*
  2. Verify your security image and word. If they match the image and word you selected, enter your password and click Login**

*If you have not logged in to GoWMU previously, you will need to set a new password, a security image and word and a challenge phrase. To do so, click the First Time Logging in? link under the Getting Started heading.

**If you have changed your password since your last GoWMU login, you may be asked to enter your password a second time.

Note: Logging in to GoWMU is handled via the Central Authentication Service. Always be sure to log out of both GoWMU and the Central Authentication Service when you have finished conducting your business. Failure to do so could allow others to gain access under your account and cause harm.

Viewing the contents of GoWMU

  1. When you login, the contents of the Home page are presented to you by default. Within this page you may browse the available portlets.
  2. To view the contents of a different page, click on the page name.
  3. You may minimize a portlet by clicking the minimize icon.
  4. Alternatively, you may maximize a portlet my clicking the maximize icon.

Bookmarks and most visited

In the My Work (only employees have this) and the My Self Service portlets, it is possible to set up a personal bookmark menu to access what you use most often more quickly. The system will also create a most visited menu automatically, which is based on what you click most frequently.

  1. You can bookmark up to six items in your personal bookmark menu. Right click an item to pop up the context menu and click Add Bookmark to bookmark an item. Choose Remove Bookmark to remove an item from your bookmarks. Your bookmarks will show in a separate section at the top of that portlet.
  2. As you make selections within a portlet, a Most Visited menu will be automatically created. It will store up to six items that you visit the most frequently and will allow you to more easily access these selections. To remove an item from Most Visited right click on the item you wish to remove and select Reset Usage Count.