Configuring WMU Secure With Android

Western Michigan University is in the process of adding secure wireless. It is not yet available in all buildings (see campus locations). Once you have configured your machine, you will be able to choose "WMU Secure" as a connection choice, if it is available where you are connecting from. Otherwise, you will continue to use "WMU Open", which is unsecured. "WMU Secure" wireless will automatically encrypt your transmissions.

Configure a WMU Secure connection

Please note that due to changes made by individual Android device manufactures, these steps may vary slightly.

  1. Open the Settings application and tap Wi-Fi.
  2. Choose WMU Secure.
  3. Fill in Identity and Password. Use your Bronco NetID and password.*
  4. Tap the Connect button.
  5. Open your web browser to register your device for use on WMU's network.
  6. Your Android device is now joined to WMU Secure. 

*Some devices require you to specify a CA Certificate. If prompted, select Do not validate.

A full list of security settings is also available.