Configuring WMU Secure Wireless With Chrome OS

Western Michigan University is in the process of adding secure wireless. It is not yet available in all buildings (see campus locations). Once you have configured your machine, you will be able to choose "WMU Secure" as a connection choice, if it is available where you are connecting from. Otherwise, you will continue to use "WMU Open",  which is unsecured. "WMU Secure" wireless will automatically encrypt your transmissions.


  1. From the list of available networks, choose WMU Secure.
  2. Choose PEAP for the EAP Method.
  3. Enter your Bronco NetID and Password in the Identity and Password boxes and then click Install.
  4. Click Save identity and password if you would like to connect without entering your Bronco NetID and password each time.
  5. Default settings can be used for the rest of the options.
  6. Click Connect.
  7. Clicking the wifi icon at the bottom of the screen should now display Connected to WMU Secure.

full list of security settings is also available.