Forwarding Suspect Messages

If you have received an email you suspect may be virus or malware-related, the safest, and easiest thing to do is simply delete it.

If the message you received is of an abusive nature (phishing, stalking, harassing, or compromised machine notice), you may forward the message, including headers, to Please do not forward spam messages to this email address, they should simply be deleted. Note that if your attempt to forward the message is rejected by the email system, its a good thing. That means that the email system is doing its job and is already quarantining any future receipts of that message.

Please visit the Spam, Phishing and Abuse Web page to learn more about the different types of unsolicited email messages. Also see the Phishing website for recent phishing attempts.

To forward the message, including headers:


  • Click + New.
  • Click the open separate window icon located at the top right corner of the message window. This will open this message as its own window within your browser.
  • Next, organize your browser windows so that you can view both your mail folder listing and this message window.
  • Drag the email you would like to forward to the message you are composing. It will be included as an attachment. Important: If you are currently in 'Conversation' view, all the messages within the conversation will be attached. If you only want a specific message to be attached, change your view to 'Messages' then attach. Control view settings.
  • You may now send it to

Outlook for Windows

  • Select the email message that you would like to forward.
  • Near the Forward button, click More  and choose Forward as Attachment.
  • You may now send it to

Outlook for Mac

  • Right click on the email message you would like to forward.
  • Choose Forward Special As Attachment.
  • You may now send it to