WMU Login Self-Help

Bronco NetID and Password

Forgot Password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it using your personal email address or challenge phrase. If you have received a temporary password from the Help Desk, you will need to set your password here before you can log in.

Forgot Bronco NetID?

If you have forgotten your Bronco NetID, please call Help Desk at (269)387-4357.

First time logging in?


If you are a student logging in for the first time, you will receive an email to your personal email address with a link to set a password once you have been admitted to the University. Keep in mind that you will need your WIN to set your password for the first time, which is included in a separate message to the same email address. If you are unable to locate these messages after you have been admitted, please contact the Help Desk for assistance with logging in.

Faculty/Staff/all other accounts

You will receive your Bronco NetID and a temporary password from your supervisor. Before you can log in, you will need to set your password here.

Other account issues

Expired password

If it's been a while since you've changed your password, it's possible it has expired per our Password Policy. If you think your password has expired, you can still use the expired password to change it. To do so, please go here to update your password.

Inactive account

Your account may be inactive due to a break in enrollment or a lapse in affiliation. If you are a student (non-alumni), accounts are active 1 year after you stop taking classes . If you would like to re-enroll, you will need to be re-admitted to the University. Please contact the Help Desk if you would like clarification as to whether or not your account is active.

Account type

Your account type may not be configured to allow you to log in to the desired application. For example, departmental accounts and certain affiliate accounts do not have access to GoWMU.

Two Factor Authentication

I replaced my phone and need to reactive Duo Mobile

You can reactivate Duo Mobile on your new device by using the Duo Device Management Portal. Please visit our 2FA Device Management page for instructions.

My phone is lost or not available

If you do not have access to your smartphone, you can still access your WMU account. Please see our 2FA backup options page to prepare yourself.

Do I have to use 2FA every time I log in?

No! We highly recommend you use the Remember Me option when logging in, which will allow you to be remembered on that device (using the same internet browser) for 30 days. This means you will only need to use 2FA to log in once per month on each of your devices.

Visit our 2FA support page for detailed 2FA authentication instructions.

Parent/Authorized User?

If you are a parent or authorized user, please navigate to this page for setup and login instructions.

still having issues?

If you are still unable to log in, please contact the Help Desk for assistance.