Wireless Best Practices

Students, faculty and staff

Available networks

WMU Secure is the preferred wireless network. We recommend that all devices capable of connecting to WMU Secure use that network.

WMU Open is for use with devices that are not compatible with WMU Secure.

Configuration best practices

  • Only one of the available wireless networks should be set to connect automatically. If both WMU Secure and WMU Open are both set to connect automatically you can not guarantee that your connection will always be encrypted and consistently connected.
  • Set your device to connect automatically to your preferred network. If your device is not set to connect automatically, you will need to manually re-connect each time that your device disconnects from a wireless access point. This can be especially problematic for wireless devices that move between buildings or even rooms in the same building.


Available networks

WMU Guest is available for guests of the University that do not have a Bronco NetID.

WMU Guest is meant for short term use. Guests who require a persistent connection should contact their inviting department's IT support for alternative access options.

Configuration best practices

  • Set your device to automatically connect to WMU Guest and ensure that your device does not automatically connect to any other WMU wireless network. If devices jump between WMU Guest and WMU Secure / WMU Open, the wireless environment will clear the guest's authentication and will be presented the Guest Wireless Acceptable Use page when switching back to WMU Guest.
  • Laptops may disable or reduce the power to your wireless adapter. Keep your laptop plugged in when possible or disable your wifi power saving features.

Important note for Windows devices If windows disconnects and then reconnects to "WMU Guest" for any reason, ( i.e sleep, hibernate, low power turning off wifi card to conserve laptop battery) Windows may constantly report a failure to connect to WMU Guest. If this happens, forget the network and re-connect.