WMU Guest

Starting Feb. 1, 2019 the WMU Guest wireless network will no longer require a password.

With the WMU Guest network, visitors of WMU students, faculty and staff can use the University's wireless network to access the Internet while on campus. WMU Guest wireless sessions are limited to 18 hours. Guests are able to re-accept the Acceptable Use Policy after their session has expired. 

This network is for visitors use only. WMU students, faculty and staff should continue to use WMU Open or WMU Secure for their wireless connections.

See also Wireless Best Practices.


  • Connect your device to the WMU Guest network.
  • Enter the guest password when prompted by your device. Your student, faculty or staff host may provide you with a password from GoWMU.
  • If your device does not prompt you to agree to the Acceptable Use Policy, please open a web browser and you should be redirected to the Acceptable Use Policy page.
  • If you disconnect from WMU Guest, or your session times out, you will be required to re-accept the Acceptable Use Policy. 

Guest network password

Students, faculty and staff will need to provide a guest password to allow visitor's access to the internet. WMU Guest access information is available in the Wi-Fi at WMU channel in GoWMU. The WMU Guest password will change monthly on the first day of each month. 


eduroam is an international roaming service for users in research and higher education. It provides researchers, teachers and students secure network access when visiting an institution other than their own. Guests from other eduroam participating institutions are able to log into Western Michigan University's eduroam environment using their institutions login ID and password.


WMU Guest is available in several campus buildings.

Acceptable Use

WMU Guest Acceptable Use Policy