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Special note on vaccines and clinical placements

The College of Health and Human Services is engaged in partnerships with many organizations in Southwest Michigan and throughout the United States to provide clinical practice education opportunities for our students. Many of these health and social service organizations are mandating that their employees receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Those mandates include students and faculty working at their sites. Some facilities may have an approved waiver or exemption process in place.  

Students attending practice sites for their chosen profession through CHHS must meet all work requirements and waiver processes established by that practice site. In addition to vaccines, such requirements often include health and drug screenings, OSHA and HIPAA training, and background checks. ​In some instances, alternate practice sites may not be available. Failure to meet practice site requirements may delay your progress toward graduation and could deter successful graduation altogether.

Western Michigan University is committed to a safe return to campus in the fall 2021 semester. Please see the University's COVID-19 information here.

The University has established vaccination incentives for students and has implemented a number of policies to ensure safety of students, staff and faculty. There's also a guide especially for employees returning to campus after an extended period of working remotely. Use the links below to access more information.

Advising and Student Success

CHHS Advising and the Office of Student Success are open and available to serve the needs of our students. More information about these and other student services is available in our CHHS Welcome Center, which is located in suite 1400, near the north entrance to the building.

University telecommuting policy

Benefits-eligible staff may submit applications for telecommuting agreements to their supervisor or manager. The Telecommuting Application Form is available on the WMU Human Resources business forms pageContact the HR Service Center at or your HR representative with any questions.

CHHS Information Technology Issues

Since March 2020, many employees have been working completely or somewhat remotely. In some instances, coming back to campus will not be as simple as plugging in your computer, turning it on, and getting back to business-as-usual. Below are issues you may run into, and pathways to their resolution.

If you need help addressing technical issues, contact the CHHS IT Help Desk at (269) 387-7309 or That is the fastest and best way to get in contact with CHHS IT staff. You may also schedule an appointment with Nate for additional assistance.

Bringing your computer back to campus

If you have been working remotely with a University-owned computer, you should expect setting it back up in your campus office to take some time. IT has developed steps for you to take before you pack it up, and when you set it back up in your office.

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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication became required for faculty and staff on June 22. This process requires the use of a smartphone, tablet or other device to enhance online security within the University. OIT has developed tools to help you set up 2FA for the first time.

Quick Start Guide  Best Practices  FAQ

Reconfiguring your office phone

Identify telephone configuration changes, disable call-forwarding and check your voicemail settings.

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CHHS shared drive changes

In June 2021, the CHHS shared drives were moved to new servers. You may need to change settings to access your files.

Step-by-step guide

Mid-May Power Outage

In mid-May, the CHHS building experienced a power outage. If equipment in your office was powered on at that time, you may experience difficulty restarting that equipment.

Contact the CHHS IT Help Desk at (269) 387-7309 or


Network printing

Because of the power outage, or if you changed your print settings while working at home, or if printer settings in your office have changed, you may have difficulty connecting to network printers in your office.

Contact the CHHS IT Help Desk at (269) 387-7309 or