Joel Krauss

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Joel Krauss
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Marketing Manager
(269) 387-2654
2486 Health and Human Services Building, Mail Stop 5243
  • B.A., English, Western Michigan University, 1995

I came to WMU in 1991 to get my bachelor's degree, spent some time in Detroit and Chicago before coming to my senses and moving back to Kalamazoo. I love being at CHHS because of all the really cool research happening in this building and when students leave, I know they're going out into the world to help people and do amazing things. It's a great feeling to come to this college every day.

Fun fact: I learned to play guitar in the WMU dorms (shout out to Eldridge Hall) and have been in a number of bands for the last 20 years, including a blues band still working in Kalamazoo and southwest Michigan today.

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