Enabling Technology Lab


Room 1408 of the Health and Human Services Building
Western Michigan University 


The enabling technology lab is an instructional computer lab for courses taught by the College of Health and Human Services. Workstations include special software and hardware including JAWS screen reader, ZoomText screen magnifier and braille printers used primarily for programs such as blindness and low vision studies and occupational therapy and standardized testing.


  • 40 Dell workstations with solid state drives running Windows 10

Standard software

Special software

  • JAWS
  • ZoomText
  • Duxbury DBT
  • MatLab
  • SmartNav
  • EMWave PC
  • Citrix (Epic Training)

Special hardware

  • Braille embossers
  • Flatbed scanners
  • SmartNav sensor
  • EMWave sensor