2006-07 Faculty Publications

Department of History faculty at Western Michigan University regularly write books and are published in leading academic journals and periodicals.

Books, Edited Works, and Exhibitions

Gray, Marion W. and Ulrike Gleixner, eds. Gender in Transition: Discourse and Experience in German-Speaking Europe, 1750-1830. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2006.

Julien, Catherine. Titu Cusi: A History of How the Spaniards Arrived in Peru. Dual Language Edition. Translated and with an introduction by Catherine Julien. Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Company, 2006.

Kachun, Mitch and William L. Andrews, eds. The Curse of Caste or the Slave Bride: A Rediscovered African American Novel by Julia C. Collins. Oxford University Press, 2006.

Warren, Wilson. Tied to the Great Packing Machine:  The Midwest and Meatpacking.  Iowa City, IA:  University of Iowa Press, 2007.

Warren, Wilson and Michael W. Lemberger. Ottumwa.  Charleston, SC:  Arcadia Publishing, 2006.

Articles, Chapters, Others

Berkhofer, III. Robert F. “The Canterbury Forgeries Revisited.” The Haskins Society Journal 18 (2006).

Berto, Andrea. "Oblivion, Memory and Irony in Medieval Montecassino: Narrative Strategies of the 'Chronicles of St. Benedict of Cassino.'" Viator: Medieval and Renaissance Studies 38, 1 (2007): 45-61.

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Gray, Marion W. “Enlightenment Vocabulary and Female Difference: Two Women Writers’ Search for Inclusive Language.” In Gender in Transition: Discourse and Experience in German-Speaking Europe, 1750-1830., eds. Ulrike Gleixner and Marion Gray, 246-261. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2006.

Julien, Catherine. “Titu Cusi amenaza declarar la guerra.” [Titu Cusi Threatens to Declare War] In Ensayos de cultura virreinal latinoamericana, ed. Juan Zevallos-Aguilar, Takahiro Kato and Luis Millones, 79-98. Lima: Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, 2006.

Julien, Catherine. “La descripción de la población del oriente boliviano en el siglo XVI.” [The Description of the Population of the Bolivian Oriente in the Sixteenth Century] In Definiciones étnicas, organización social y estrategias políticas en el Chaco y la Chiquitani., ed. Isabelle Combés, 49-67. Santa Cruz de la Sierra: Instituto Francés de Estudios Andinos, 2006.

Julien, Catherine. “An Inca Information Network.” Ñawpa Pacha 28 (2006): 41-61.

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Kachun, Mitch.  “Interrogating the Silences: Julia C. Collins, Nineteenth-Century African American Readers and Writers, and the Christian Recorder.” African American Review 40, 4 (Winter 2006): 1-12.

Maier, Paul. Foreword, pp. xi-xii in Peter Kurowski, The Seduction of Extremes. Enum-Claw, WA: Wine Press Publishing, 2006.

Maier, Paul. Foreword, pp. xi-xiv in John D. Wineland, ed., The Light of Discovery: Studies in Honor of Edwin M. Yamauchi. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2006.

Maier, Paul. “History and Christianity.” The Servant 14 (Fall 2006): 1-3.

Maier, Paul. “The Most Overlooked Verse in the Bible.” Reporter (February 2007): 2, 6.

Maier, Paul. “A Summary Critique: Michael Baigent and the Gnostic Tactic – Fantasy Posing as Fact.” Christian Research Journal 30 (February 2007): 42-4.              

Maier, Paul. “More Junk on Jesus.” On the Church & Society Report 1 (March 2 , 2007): 1-3.

Maier, Paul. “The Judge Who Changed History.” The Lutheran Witness 126 (March 2007): 6-9.      

Maier, Paul. “The Mystery of the Missing Body.” The Lutheran Witness 126 (April 2007): 4-6.
Maier, Paul. “Jesus’ Bones?” The Lutheran Witness 126 (April 2007): 7.

Rubin, Eli. “Strategies of Survival: Culture and Economics on the Everyday Level“Do We Need A New Economic History of Germany?” (H-German Forum essay, May 18, 2007). www.h-net.org/german/discuss/econ/econ_index.htm

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Warren, Wilson. “Meatpacking in Illinois History.” Illinois History Teacher 13, 2 (Fall 2006): 36-9.

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Reviews (Books, Exhibitions, Etc.)

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Panther Party. Choice (April 2007).

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