2007-08 Faculty Publications

Department of History faculty at Western Michigan University regularly write books and are published in leading academic journals and periodicals.

Books, Edited Works, and Exhibitions

Ochoa, Jorge Flores, Elizabeth Kuon Arce, Roberto Samanez Argumedo, Luis Barreda Murillo and Catherine Julien. Cuzco: del mito a la historia. Colección Artes y Tesoros del Perú, vol. 34. Lima: Banco de Credito del Perú, 2007.

Pillsbury, Joanne, Catherine Julien and Kenneth J. Andrien, eds., Guide to Documentary Sources for Andean Studies, 1530-1900. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2008. 3 vols.

Maier, Paul. Jesus:Verdade ou Mitou?  [Jesus, Truth or Myth? New translation into Portuguese], tr. Paulo R. Warth. Sao Paulo, Brazil: Dinitz, 2007.

Maier, Paul. Caspar Schwenckfeld on the Person and Work of Christ [new ed.]. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stoc, 2007.

Maier, Paul. A Man Spoke, A World Listened:The Story of Walter A. Maier [new ed.]. Waterloo, ON: Tobias Communications, 2007.

Maier, Paul. trans. and ed. Eusebius: The Church History [new paperback ed.]. Grand Rapids:  Kregel Publications, 2007.

Martini, Edwin. Invisible Enemies: The American War on Vietnam, 1975-2000Amherst, MA: University of Massachusetts Press, 2007.

Wilson, Warren J. and D. Antonio Cantu, History Education 101: The Past, Present, and Future of Teacher Education. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing, 2008.

Wilson, Warren J. Guest Editor,  “Historical Thinking.” Themed Issue of International Journal of Social Education 22, 2007.

Articles, Chapters, and Others

Berto, Luigi. "'Utilius est veritatem proferre.' A Difficult Memory to Manage: Narrating the Relationships between Bishops and Dukes in Early Medieval Naples." Medieval and Renaissance Studies 39:2 (2008): 49-63.

Borish, Linda J., Mitch Kachun, and Cheryl Lyon-Jenness. "Rethinking a Curricular 'Muddle in the Middle': Revising the Undergraduate History Major at Western Michigan University." Journal of American History 95:4 (March 2009): 1102-1113.

Borish, Linda J. "Jewish Women, Sports, and Chicago History." In Sports in Chicago, edited by Elliott J. Gorn, Sport and Society Series, 62-77. Urbana and Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 2008.

Julien, Catherine. "On the Beginning of the Late Horizon." Ñawpa Pacha 29 (2008): 163-177.

Maier, Paul. "Foreword," ii. Journey to the Cross - A Look Inside the Christian Faith, by Rick Meyer. Indianapolis, IN: Messiah, 2008.

Xiong, Victor. "Astrological Divination at the Tang Court." Early Medieval China 13-14 (2008): 185-231.

Xiong, Victor. "Housing in Tang Chang'an [Tang Chang'an zhufang kaolue]." In Xi'an: Dushi xiangxiang yu wenhua jiyi, edited by Chen Pingyuan, Wang Der-wei, and Chen Xuechao, 56-73. Beijing: Peking University.

Reviews (Books, Exhibitions, Etc.)

Brandão, José António. Rony Blum, Ghost Brothers: Adoption of a French Tribe by Bereaved Native America. Quebec Studies (Spring/Summer, 2006): 117

Chiarappa, Michael. Karni Perez, Fishing for Gold: The Story of Alabama’s Catfish Industry. Environmental History 12 (January 2007): 165-6.
Chiarappa, Michael. Dana Story, Frame Up!: A Story of Essex, its Shipyards and its People. The Northern Mariner/Le Marin du Nord 16 (2006): 99-100.

Coryell, Janet. Amy Murrell Taylor, The Divided Family in Civil War America. American Historical Review 112 (February 2007): 196-7.

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Kachun, Mitch. Lazerow and Williams, eds., In Search of the Black
Panther Party. Choice (April 2007).

Kachun, Mitch. Rogers, Life and Death in the Delta. Choice (January 2007).

Kachun, Mitch. Painter, Creating Black Americans. Choice (October 2006).

Szylvian, Kristin. Don Parson, Making a Better World: Public Housing, the Red Scare, and the Direction of Modern Los Angles. Pacific Historical Review 76, 2 (May 2007): 315-17.

Xiong, Victor. “Gilded Treasures of a Lost Empire.” Exhibition review of “Gilded Splendor: Treasures of China’s Liao Empire” (Asia Society and Museum, New York). American Journal of Archaeology (online version) (April, 2007): 1-9.

Xiong, Victor. Wang Zhengping, Ambassadors from the Islands of Immortals: China-Japan Relations in the Han-Tang Period. Harvard Journal of AsiaticStudies67, 1 (June 2007): 214–26.

Yoshida, Takashi. Sven Saaler, Politics, Memory and Public Opinion: The History Textbook Controversy and Japanese Society. Journal of Japanese Studies 33, 1 (Winter 2007): 220-24.