2008-09 Faculty Publications

WMU History faculty members produce books, edited works, and exhibitions; write articles and book chapters; publish book and exhibition reviews; present the results of their research at conferences; are invited to give presentations and lectures; hold academic offices and editorships; and receive grants, fellowships, and other honors. 

Books, Edited Works, and Exhibitions

Borish, Linda J., Gerald R. Gems, and Gertrud Pfister. Sports in American History: From Colonization to Globalization. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics, 2008.

Brandão, J.A., trans. Edge of Empire: Documents of Michilimackinac, 1671-1716. East Lansing/Mackinac Island: Michigan State University Press and Mackinac State Historic Parks, 2008.

Maier, Paul. The Real Story of the Flood (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 2008).

Maier, Paul. Et Skelet i Guds Skab [A Skeleton in God's Closet]. New translation into Danish, translated by Helge Hoffmann. Fredericia, Denmark: Lohse, 2008.

Maier, Paul. Die Wiederkunft [More Than a Skeleton]. New translation into German, translated by Wolfgang Gunter. Wirten, Germany: SCM R. Brockhaus, 2009.

Rubin, Eli. Synthetic Socialism: Plastics and Dictatorship in the German Democratic Republic. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2009.

Steuer, Kenneth A. Pursuit of an 'Unparalleled Opportunity': The American YMCA and Prisoner-of-War Diplomacy among the Central Power Nations during World War I, 1914-1923. New York, NY: Columbia University Press, 2008.

Articles, Chapters, and Others

Kachun, Mitch. "From Forgotten Founder to Indispensable Icon: Crispus Attucks, Black Citizenship, and Collective Memory." Journal of the Early Republic 29:2 (Summer 2009), 249-86.

Martini, Edwin. "More Dangerous Than Bombs or Bullets: Agent Orange, Dioxin, and the Environmental Imaginary." In New World Coming: The Sixties and the Shaping of Global Consciousness, edited by Karen Dubinsky et. al., 304-312. New York: Palgrave-MacMillan, 2009.

Rubin, Eli. "The Trabant: Consumption, Eigen-Sinn, and Movement." History Workshop Journal 68:1 (October 2009): 27-44.

Rubin, Eli. "The Athens Charter." CLIO-Online Web Portal, European History Section (Summer 2009), http://www.europa.clio-online.de/site/lang__en/ItemID__372/mid__11428/40....

Warren, Wilson J. "Bridging the Gap between K-12 Teachers and Post-Secondary Historians." Perspectives on History 46:7 (October 2008): 52-54.

Yoshida, Takashi. "Can Patriotism Promote Peace?: The Role of Museums in Disseminating the History of Imperial Japan and Facilitating Reconciliation in East Asia." In The 6th International Conference of Museums for Peace, 53-57. Kyoto: Kyoto Museum for World Peace, Ritsumeikan University, 2009.

Book Reviews

Beyan, Amos J. Review of An African Republican: Black and White Virginians in the Making of Liberia Chapel Hill, by Marie Tyler McGraw. Journal of American History 95:3 (2008), 832-833.

Borish, Linda J. Review of Senda Berenson: The Unlikely Founder of Women's Basketball, by Ralph Melnick. Journal of American History 96:1 (June 2009), 247-248.

Coryell, Janet. Review of A Fragile Freedom: African American Women and Emancipation in the Antebellum City, by Erica Armstrong Dunbar. Journal of American History 95 (March 2009): 1167-68.

Martini, Edwin. Review of A Temporary Sort of Peace, by James McGarrah. Michigan Historical Review 34:2 (November 2008): 150-51.

Palmitessa, James. Review of Die Oberlausitz im frühneuzeitlichen Mitteleuropa, edited by Joachim Bahlcke, H-German@h-h-net.msu (June 2009).

Rubin, Eli. Review of Socialist Modern: East German Everyday Culture and Politics, edited by Paul Betts and Katherine Pence. German Politics and Society, Spring 2009.

Rubin, Eli. Review of Red Prometheus: Engineering and Dictatorship in East Germany, 1945-1990, by Dolores Augustine. Journal of Modern History, Winter 2008.

Rubin, Eli. Review of The Revenge of the Domestic: Women, the Family and Communism in the German Democratic Republic, by Donna Harsch. Social History, Fall 2008.