2013-14 Faculty Presentations

The Department of History faculty at Western Michigan University regularly travel to conferences to present their research and give invited presentations and lectures.  For additional information on our faculty, visit faculty directory pages and scholarworks.wmich.edu.

2013-14 Conference Presentations

Benac, David. “Gilchrist: A Community in the Forest Designed to Last.” Western Historical Association, Tucson, Arizona, October 2013

Berkhofer, Robert. “Shared Sins: English Monastic and Clerical Forgers as Collaborators and Competitors.” International Medieval Congress, Leeds, United Kingdom, July 2013.

Berto, Luigi. “‘The Greeks are worse than the Saracens’: The Image of the Byzantines in Early Medieval Southern Lombardy.” New College Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Sarasota, Florida, March 2014.

Berto, Luigi. “Ideologie e orientamenti politici nella recente storiografia italiana sull’identità deiLongobardi (569-774).”Wished-for and unwished-for identities, Institute for Research into Identities and Society, University of Lleida, Spain, November 2013.

Berto, Luigi. “Images and Definitions of Urban Centers in Early Medieval Venice.” Images (III).Images of the City, Austrian Cultural Forum, Istanbul, Turkey, October 31 - November 1, 2013.

Berto, Luigi. “Propaganda and History in the Depiction of the Interactions between theNormanauteville family and the Byzantines in Eleventh-Century Southern Italy.” 17th Annual Mediterranean Studies Association Congress, University of Malaga, Marbella, Spain, May 2014.

Beyan, Amos. “Foreign Plunderers and their  Pre-Liberia/Liberia’s Collaborators: The Political Economy of Integration and Underdevelopment in the Case of  Pre-Liberia and Liberia, 1415-1808.”  Liberian Studies Association Conference, Chicago, Illinois, March 2014.

Brandão, José António. “Fort St. Joseph in the Historical Literature: A Reconsideration.” Historical Society of Michigan Annual Conference, Kalamazoo, Michigan, September  2013.

Cousins, James. “Historiography and the Pre-Service Teacher: Lessons from Portage Central High School.” Great Lakes History Conference, Grand Rapids, Michigan, October 2013.

Dooley, Howard. “Pittsburgh vs. Detroit: The Best of Times or the Worst of Times for the Steel and Motor Cities?” University of Birmingham conference on Rust, Romance, and Regeneration: Iron and Steel Landscapes and Cultures, Ironbridge, Telford, United Kingdom, July 2013.

Dooley, Howard. “Port Said, Egypt: From Canal Gateway to Global City?” Symposium on Port Cities in World History, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain, March 2014.

Gray, Marion. “The Berlin Rieselfelder: Intended and Unintended Consequences.” European Social Science History Conference, Vienna, Austria, April 2014.

Gray, Marion. “Paper Making, Recycling, and an Eighteenth-Century Raw Materials Crisis,” Midwest German Historians Workshop.” Bloomington, Indiana, October 2013.

Gray, Marion. “The Paper Mill of Schlalach: A Pre-Industrial Partnership between Manufacture and Agriculture.” European Society for Environmental History, Munich, Germany, August 2013.

Hadden, Sally.  “A Colonial Lawyer visits the Courts of London: An exploration of Henry Marchant’s 1771-1772 Diary.” Society of Early Americanists Annual Meeting, London, United Kingdom, 2014.

Hadden, Sally. “Lawyers’ Communal Subscription Libraries in Boston, Philadelphia, and Charleston.” Community Libraries: Connecting Readers in the Atlantic World, 1650-1850, Liverpool, United Kingdom, 2014.

Hadden, Sally. “Recovering Lost (or Stolen) Treasure: Lawyering for Loyalists in the Post-Revolutionary War Period.” Omohundro Institute for Early American History & Culture Annual Meeting, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2014.

Heasley, Lynne. “The Accidental Reef.” American Society for Environmental History Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California, March 2014.

Heasley, Lynne. “Looking Out on the Great Lakes: Environmental History in a Borderland.” Quelques Arpent de Neige Annual Meeting, Kingston, Ontario, December 2013.

Kachun, Mitch. Chair and Commentator, State of the Field Panel: “African American Historiography.” Annual Meeting of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History, Jacksonville, Florida, October 2013.

Kachun, Mitch. Presentation and Discussion Facilitator, “Julia Collins’s The Curse of Caste.” Southwest Michigan Black Heritage Society Book Group, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May 2014.

Kachun, Mitch. “Race and Citizenship in the United States: A Historical Overview.” Race Matters Lyceum Lecture Series, Kalamazoo, Michigan, November 2013.

Strong, Anise. “Second Wives: Elite Roman Concubines and Courtesans.” Berkshires Conference on the History of Women, Toronto, Canada, May 2014.

Strong, Anise. “Marital Alliances and Political Careers in the Roman Republic.” Classical Association of the Midwest and South, Waco, Texas, April 2014.

Warren, Wilson J.  Panelist: “Educating Future History Teachers: Models of University and High School Collaboration.” Organization of American Historians Annual Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, April 2014.

Warren, Wilson J. “Historiography in High School Classrooms: A Review of the Literature.” Great Lakes History Conference, Grand Rapids, Michigan, October 2013.

Xiong, Victor. “Social Conditions in Early Seventh-century China as Seen from the Story of Xuanzang.” The Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association Conference, Vancouver, Washington, October 2013.

2013-14 Invited presentations and lectures

Berkhofer, Robert. “Confession of an Anglo-Norman Forger.” Battle Conference on Anglo-Norman Studies, Cambridge, United Kingdom, July 2013.

Berto, Luigi. “Tutto bene sul fronte occidentale? L’immagine della frontiera della ‘Venetia’ altomedievale agli inizi del terzo millennio’. International Congress of Venetian Studies: Lo Stato veneziano: 1000 anni di esplorazione, espansione e integrazione,Cultural Romenian Institute of Venice, Venice, Italy, April 2014.

Brandão, J.A. "The Fur Trade and Michigan in French Imperial Policy, 1679 to 1763." Luncheon Keynote Presentation, Historical Society of Michigan Annual Conference, Kalamazoo, MI, September 2014.

Brandão, J.A."The Origins and Current Status of the French Michilimackinac Research Project." Association for Great Lakes Maritime History, Mackinac Island, MI, September 2014.

Cousins, James. "Students of War: Memories of the Republic at the Battle of River Raisin." Keynote Address for the 2014 Bicentennial Commemoration of the Battle of River Raisin, River Raisin Historic Battlefield, Midland, Michigan, January 2014.

Gray, Marion. “Die Papiermühle von Schlalach 1685-1845.” [“The Paper Mill of Schlalach 1685-1845.”] Medien- und Kulturverein Schlalach e. V [Cultural Association of Schlalach], Germany, August 2013.

Hadden, Sally. “Friends, Colleagues, Competitors: Apprenticeship and Communitiesof Young Lawyers in Colonial America.” University of Toronto Osgoode School of Law Legal History Seminar, Toronto, Canada, February 2014.

Kachun, Mitch.  “African American Emancipation Celebrations in Nineteenth Century Michigan,” Annual Meeting and State Conference of the Historical Society of Michigan, Kalamazoo, Michigan, September 2013.

Kachun, Mitch. “First Martyr of Liberty?  Crispus Attucks in American Memory.” Michigan State University History Department Lecture Series, East Lansing, Michigan, November 2013.
Palmitessa, James. “Das Passauer Kriegsvolk in Prag 1611: Ein Beispiel für ‘entangled history.’” Public Lecture, University of Passau, Germany, May 2014.

Pyenson, Lewis. “Les idées et la vie intime.” Centre Alexandre Koyré, Paris, France, November 2014.

Rubin, Eli. “Amnesiopolis: Memory, Space, and Socialism in East Germany.”  Specters of the Other Germany, Workshop in Honor of 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Toronto, Canada, April 2014. 

Rubin, Eli. “Arc of Destruction: Space, Memory and War in German Cities, 1937-1945.” Department of History, University of Windsor, Ontario, February 2014.

Rubin, Eli. “The Margins of Berlin: Metabolism, Liminal Space and the longue dureé in East Germany (and Beyond).”   Midwest German Historians’ Workshop, Bloomington, Indiana, October 2013.

Strong, Anise. “Second Wives: Elite Concubines and Courtesans in the Roman World.” Kalamazoo College Classics Annual Lecture, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May 2014.

Warren, Wilson J.  “Why We Need the Common Core.” Debate with Representative Theresa Abed, Barry County Democratic Party Meeting, Hastings, Michigan, May 2014.

Xiong, Victor. “Ancient Chinese Historiography: A Comparative Perspective.”  Guangzhou, China, May 2014.

Yoshida, Takashi. “Remembering Colonial Korea in Postwar Japan.” Academy of Korean Studies, Seoul, South Korea, April 2014.

Strong, Anise."Incorporating Cinematic and Televisual Texts into your Classics Courses,” Classical Association of the Middle West and South, Boulder, Colorado, March 2015.

Xiong, Victor. “Travel in Early Seventh-century China as Seen in the Story of Xuanzang.” Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China, May 2015.

Yoshida, Takashi. “U.S.-Japan Relations: An Enduring Partnership.” Consul-General of Japan, Detroit, Michigan, October 2014.

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