2013-14 Faculty Publications

The Department of History at Western Michigan University proudly recognizes our faculty for their scholarly achievement through their outstanding publishing efforts. Research regularly appears in leading academic journals and periodicals and is frequently cited by the press. For additional publications, visit faculty directory pages and scholarworks.wmich.edu.


Berto, Luigi.  Erchemperto, Piccola Storia dei Longobardi di Benevento / Ystoriola Longobardorum Beneventum degentium. Naples (Italy), Liguori, 2013.

Pruitt, Paul, David Durham, and Sally Hadden. Traveling the Beaten Trail: Charles Tait’s Charges to Federal Grand Juries, 1822-1825. Tuscaloosa, AL: University of Alabama School of Law, University of Alabama Press, 2013.

Heasley, Lynne. “American Ruins: Reflections in Time and Place” (Photos analyzing a historical Great Lakes maritime landscape), in Earthcare: Reconcile, Restore, Rejoice, Westminster Art Festival, Portage, Michigan, March-22-April 22, 2014.  Winner of the Juror’s award, $500, one of two juried prizes.

Yoshida, Takashi.From Cultures of War to Cultures of Peace: War and Peace Museums in Japan, China, and South Korea.  (Study of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University). Portland: MerwinAsia, 2014.

Articles and Chapters

Benac, David. “The New Orleans Lakefront: Created Land and Planned Development.” Journal of Urban History  41:3(2015): 388-403.

Berto, Luigi.  “‘As an Angel revealed to her’: Miracles, visions, predictions, and supernatural phenomena and the politics of memory in early medieval Venice.” Mediterranean Studies 23:1(2015): 1-26.

Berto, Luigi. “The Muslims as Others in the Chronicles of Early Medieval Southern Italy.” Viator: Medieval and Renaissance Studies 45:3(2014): 1-24.

Berto, Luigi. “Da ‘prodotto’ del ‘Fascist period’ (2009) alla pubblicazione presso Einaudi (1941) e alla ‘bocciatura’ della Reale Accademia d'Italia (1942). Un percorso nelle ‘molte’ vite del Medio Evo barbarico d’Italia di Gabriele Pepe.” Mediterranean Chronicle: A Journal on Culture/s in the Mediterranean World 4(2014): 165-217.

Berto, Luigi. “L’onomastica latina di Treviso longobarda e i suoi rapporti con la Venetia lagunare.”Studi Veneziani 68(2013): 273-295.

Berto, Luigi. “Tutto bene sul fronte occidentale?: L’immagine della frontiera della Venetia altomedievale tra secondo e terzo millennio.” Studi Veneziani  68 (2013): 17-30.

Borish, Linda. “American Jewish Women on the Court: Seeking an Identity in Tennis in the Early Decades of the Twentieth Century.” In Beyond Stereotypes: American Jews and Sports, ed. Bruce Zuckerman, Ari F. Sclar, and Lisa Ansell, 43-72. West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University Press, 2014.

Cousins, James. “‘Character of a University’: The Journey of a College President in the Early Republic.” American Educational History Journal 41:1/2 (2014): 21-40.

Rubin, Eli. “Home.” In Beyond The Wall: The East German Collection of The Wende Museum. New York: Taschen Verlag, 2014.

Simon, Larry. “Julian Deahl, Here, There, and Everywhere.” In The Book of Julian, ed. Marti Huetink and Marcella Mulder, 99-102. Leiden: Brill, 2015.

Strong, Anise. “A Christian Concubine in Commodus' Court.” EuGeSta (European Network on Gender Studies in Antiquity) 4(2014).

Strong, Anise. “Hypatia and Brian: Early Christianity as Mythological Drama.” In Classical Myth on Screen, ed. M. Safran and M. Cyrino. New York: Palgrave/Macmillan, 2015.

Book Reviews

Berkhofer, Robert. Review of Hostages in the Middle Ages, by Adam J. Kosto CHOICE September 2013.

Berkhofer, Robert. Review of Monastic Reform as Process: Realities and Representations in Medieval Flanders, 900-1100, by Steven Vanderputten. H-France Review 14 (February 2014).

Elder, E. Rozanne.Review of Survival and Success on Medieval Borders: Cistercian Houses in Medieval Scotland and Pomerania from the Twelfth to the Late Fourteen Century, by Emilia Jamroziak.  Church History 82:3 (September 2014):  707-710.

Elder, E. Rozanne. Review of Gert Melville: Die Welt der mittelalterlichen Klöster. Geschichte und Lebensformen, by Gert Melville. On-line journal (2014).

Hadden, Sally. Review of Legal Pluralism and Empires, 1500-1850, eds. Lauren Benton and Richard J. Ross.  William and Mary Quarterly 71 (2014): 475-478.

Hadden, Sally. Review of In the Shadow of the Gallows: Race, Crime, and American Civic Identity, by Jeannine DeLombard. Journal of American History 100 (2013): 832-833.

Strong, Anise. Sex on Show: Seeing the Erotic in Greece and Rome, by Caroline Vout. Classical Journal (July/August 2014).

Warren, Wilson J. Review of In Meat We Trust: An Unexpected History of Carnivore America, by Maureen Ogle. Annals of Iowa 73:2(2014): 164-166.

Xiong, Victor.  Review of A Companion to Chinese Archaeology, by Anne P. Underhill. CHOICE October 2013.

Xiong, Victor. Review of Emperor Huizong, by Patricia Ebrey. CHOICE May 2014.

Xiong, Victor. Review of Tang China in Multi-Polar Asia: A History of Diplomacy and War, by Zhenping Wang. CHOICE June 2014.

Yoshida, Takashi. Review of Writing War: Soldiers Record the Japanese Empire,  by Aaron Moore. Michigan War Studies Review (MiWSR.com), 13 February 2014.

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