2014-15 Faculty Presentations

The Department of History faculty at Western Michigan University regularly travel to conferences to present their research and give invited presentations and lectures.  For additional information on our faculty, visit faculty directory pages and scholarworks.wmich.edu.

2014-15 Conference Presentations

Benac, David. “Finding Meaning and Debating Value in a Historical Landscape: Wendling, Oregon.” American Society for Environmental History Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., March 2015.

Benac, David. “The Multiple Lives of Bridal Veil: Towards an Environmental Discussion of a Vanished Sawmill Town.” Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association, Portland, Oregon, August 2014.

Benac, David. “Sustaining Historic Preservation as a Cultural Practice.” National Council on Public History Annual Meeting, Nashville, Tennessee, April 2015.

Berto, Luigi. “Miracles and the Politics of Memory in Medieval Venice.”5th International Conference on Advances in Social Science, Global Research and Development Services, Bangkok, Thailand, January 2015.

Berto, Luigi.The Unholy Crusade (1204) and Modern Italian Historians.” 18th Annual Mediterranean Studies Association Congress, Athens, Greece, May 2015.

Borish, Linda. “Gender and Jewish Y’s in Creating Sporting Spaces for American Jewish Women, 1920s-1930s.” Society of History of Technology Annual International Conference, Dearborn, Michigan, November 2014.

Borish, Linda. “The National Jewish Welfare Board and Sport History at the Young Men’s-Young Women’s Hebrew Associations.” North American Society for Sport History International Conference, Miami, Florida, May 2015.

Brandão, José António. “A 1695-99, 1700, 1718, 1727 Cadillac: Examining the History of Newberry Library Ayer Manuscripts 130 and 293, the Relation[s] du sieur De lamotte/La Mothe Cadillac.” SEA/OIEAHC Conference, Loyola University and Newberry Library, Chicago, Illinois, June 2014.

Cousins, James. “Alternatives to Alternative School History Curriculum.” Great Lakes History Conference, Grand Rapids, Michigan, October 2014.

Cousins, James. “A Love for Sciences: Matriculation and the Maturation of Medicine in Early America.”  Annual Meeting of the History of Education Society, Indianapolis, Indiana, November 2014.

Cousins, James. “Student-Teachers as a Basis for Collaboration.” Teaching History: Fostering Historical Thinking across the K-16 Continuum. Berkeley, California, May 2015.

Dooley, Howard. “‘Lucky Break’ to ‘Curveball’: Intelligence Revelations as Catalysts for the Suez and Iraq Crises.” World Congress of Middle East Studies, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, August 2014.

Dooley, Howard. “Panama 1989-2014: From Invasion to Centennial.” World History Association Conference, San Jose, Costa Rica, July 2014.

Hadden, Sally. “Colonial Lawyers and Their Books: Connecting Legal History to the History of the Book.” American Historical Association Annual Meeting, New York City, January 2014.

Heasley, Lynne. “Landscapes Below: Bathymetry, Diving, and Underwater Photography in Great Lakes Restoration.” American Society for Environmental History Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., March 2015.

Kachun, Mitch.  “The Musings of Col. J. O. Midnight: Humor and Cultural Criticism in the Early 20th Century African American Press.” Southwest Popular/American Culture Association Annual Meeting, February 2015.

Norman, John. “The Hermitage as Institutional Paradigm for the Changing Character and Public Face of St. Petersburg.” 46th Annual Convention of the Association for Slavic, East European, & Eurasian Studies, San Antonio, Texas, November 2014.

Pyenson, Lewis. “The High Horizon: Science and Art in Argentina.” History of Science Society Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois, November 2014.

Pyenson, Lewis. “Reciprocity in Transatlantic Design.” Transatlantic Studies Association Annual Conference, Ghent, Belgium, July 2014.

Simon, Larry. “Muslim and Jews on the Valencian Frontier 1273-1276: Documents from Burns’s forthcoming Diplomatarium of the Crusader Kingdom of Valencia, vol. V: Documents 1501-2068.” 30th Annual Conference of the Medieval Association of the Midwest, Madrid, Spain, January 2015.

Strong, Anise. “When Romans Were Golden.” Film and History Conference, Madison, Wisconsin, October 2014.

Warren, Wilson J. “Collaboration and History Education: Dialogue across Many Divides.” Great Lakes History Conference, Grand Rapids, Michigan, October 2014.

Warren, Wilson J.  “Impediments to Authentic History Teaching in High School Classrooms,” Teaching History: Fostering Historical Thinking across the K-16 Continuum, Berkeley, California, May 2015.

2014-15 Invited presentations and lectures

Benac, David. Finding Meaning and Debating Value in a Historical Landscape: The history and commemoration of Bridal Veil, Oregon.” Boston Environmental History Seminar, Boston, Massachusetts, October  2014.

Benac, David. “Log Rolling, Axe Throwing, and the Owl: The Heritage Legacy of the Timber Industry in Oregon.” Resident Scholar Presentation, Oregon State University Libraries and Press, Corvallis, Oregon.

Berkhofer, Robert. “Monastic Cartularies as (Hi)stories.” International Medieval Congress, Leeds, United Kingdom, July 2015.

Berkhofer, Robert. “The Nature of the Middle Ages: A Roundtable for Historians?”  Special Session for the 50th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May 2015.

Berto, Luigi. Foucault e Derrida tra i Longobardi del sud Italia  e le immaginarie textual communities della Langobardia meridionaleConvegno Internazionale: "Felix Terra. Capua e la Terra di Lavoro in età longobarda." Caserta-Capua, Italy,  June 2015.

Berto, Luigi. “Urban Centers in Medieval Venice.” Keynote Lecture. 5th International Conference on Advances in Social Science, Global Research and Development Services, Bangkok, Thailand, January 2015.

Borish, Linda. “Jewish Women in American Sport: Settlement Houses to the Olympics,” Film Screening and Discussion, American Jewish Historical Society and Center for Jewish History, and Jewish Women’s Archives, Center for Jewish History, New York, October 2014.

Brandão, José António. “Fort St. Joseph: Its Historical Significance.” Presented at the “Future of the Past at FSJ Symposium,” Annual Meeting of the Midwest Archaeological Association, Niles, Michigan, September 2014.

Hadden, Sally. “What Do Slave Patrols and the Second Amendment Have in Common?”
Resisting Arrest: A Conversation on Policing and Insurgent Social Life Conference, New York University, New York, 2015.

Heasley, Lynne. “Energy and History: Fuel for Thought.” WMU’s Lee Honors College Spring 2015 Lyceum on Energy, January 2015.

Heasley, Lynne. “Timelines.” In Re:Solution: Envisioning Sustainability, WMU Gwen Frostic School of Art Faculty Exhibit, November 2014.

Palmitessa, James. “Sociální pam?? husitské doby v kronikách raného novov?ku” [Social Memory of  the Hussite Period in Early Modern Chronicles] at the VIIth International Hussitological Symposium “Jan Hus 1415 and 600 Years Later,” Tábor, Czech Republic, June 2015.

Rubin, Eli. "Futures of the Past: East German Housing Projects and the Fall of the Wall in Global Perspective."  Fall of the Wall Symposium, Oklahoma University, in honor of  25th anniversary of the Fall of Berlin Wall, November 2014. 

Rubin, Eli. Presentation on the current state of German Studies. Swarthmore College, Colloquium in honor of Pieter Judson, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, May 2015.