2016-17 Faculty Presentations

Conference presentations

Borish, Linda. “Jewish Women in American Sport: Settlement Houses to the Olympics.” Documentary Film and Discussion. Michiana Jewish Historical Society, South Bend, IN, December 2016.

Borish, Linda. “Charles L. Ornstein, the National Jewish Welfare Board, and the Boycott of the 1936 Nazi Olympics.” North American Society for Sport History Annual Conference, Fullerton, CA, May 2017.

Dooley, Howard. “Cod to Sushi: Seafood in World History.” World History Association Conference, Boston, MA, June 2017.

Gray, Marion. “From Marshland to Agriculture: Eight Centuries of Anthropogenic Change in the Nuthe-Nieplitz Watershed (Brandenburg, Germany).” International Water History Association Annual Conference, Grand Rapids, MI, April 2017.

Gray, Marion. “Recycling Every Fiber: Paper Milling in Early Modern Brandenburg.” American Association for Environmental History Association, Chicago, IL, April 2017.

Gray, Marion. “Three-Field Agriculture and Long-Term Sustainability: East Elbia, c. 1150-1800.” American Association for Environmental History Annual Conference, Chicago, IL, April 2017.

Hadden, Sally. “The Last British Justice in Colonial America: Charleston’s Board of Police, 1780-1782.” Twenty-Third Biennial British Legal History Conference, London, July 2017.

Hadden, Sally. “Lawyering for Loyalists, Or, An Unlikely Source of Profits for Patriots.” Southern Historical Association Annual Meeting, Tampa, FL, November 2016.

Kachun, Mitch. “‘Among All Them White Men Was But One Black Face’: African American Journalist Charles Stewart at the 1910 Edinburgh World Missionary Conference, St. Pete’s Beach, FL, 2016.

Kachun, Mitch. “Narratives of Black Identity, Representation and Internationalism.” African American Intellectual History Society Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN, March 2017.

Palmitessa, James. “Legacies from the Holy Roman Empire and ‘Entangled’ Early Modern Histories.” Midwest German History Workshop, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, 2016.

Rubin, Eli. “Ecologies of Socialisms.” German Studies Association Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, October 2016.

Rubin, Eli. “Materiality, Space, and Environment: Everyday Life in Socialism.” “Die Dinge in Der Zeitgeschichte.” Zentrum für Zeithistorische Forschung. Potsdam, Germany, October 2016.

Rubin, Eli. “Red/Green: Rethinking the History of German Socialisms through the Oikeios.” German Studies Association Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, October 2016.

Simon, Larry. “Crime in the Kingdom of Valencia, 1257-1276: A View of Mediterranean Lives from the Diplomatarium of the Registered Charters of James I of Aragon.” 43d Annual Sewanee Medieval Colloquium, University of the South, Sewanee, TN, March 2017.

Simon, Larry. “Wine Among Enemies, Wine Among Crusaders and Muslims?: Jaume I the Conqueror and the Kingdom of Valencia, 1233-1276.” 20th International Congress of the Mediterranean Studies Association, University of Malta, Valletta, Malta, 2017.

Strong, Anise. “Mistresses, Slaves, and Roman Religious Rituals.” Berkshires Conference on the History of Women, Hofstra University, New York, June 2017.

Strong, Anise. “Pop Goddesses and Female Agency.” Film and History, Milwaukee, WI, November 2016.

Strong, Anise. “The Shadow of Cleopatra’s Eyes.” Classical Association of the Midwest and South, Windsor, Ontario, April 2017.

Tabor, Nathan. “Aurality, Publicity, and Persianate Literacy Culture in Early Modern India and Iran.” Sound and South Asia, Ann Arbor, MI, October 2016.

Tabor, Nathan. ‘Degenerate Scribes: Documenting Inappropriate Behavior in 18th Century Delhi’s Literary Salons.”Annual Conference on South Asia, Madison, WI, October 2016.

Tabor, Nathan. “Mass Mediated Poetry and Muslim Minority Politics in Contemporary India.” American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN, October 2016.

Tabor, Nathan. “Poetry and Paragons of Masculine Eroticism in Late Medieval India and Iran.” International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI, May 2017.

Tabor, Nathan. “Sociability and Affiliation in Persian and Rekhtah Literary Gatherings, c. 1700s.” Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference, Toronto, Ontario, March 2017.

Warren, Wilson J. “Bridging the Digital Divide through the National History Day Contest.” Teaching History Conference, University of California-Berkeley History-Social Science Project, Berkeley, CA, May 2017.

Xiong, Victor. “Cong Xuanzang’s Jingli Kan Chutang de Chuxing.” (“Travel in Early Tang China: The Story of Xuanzang.” People’s University, Beijing, China, May 2017

Xiong, Victor. “Court Astrology in the Late Sixth and Early Seventh Centuries.” Occult Arts, Art History, and Cultural Exchange in Early China: An International Conference in Honor of Professor Li Ling, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, June 2017.