2018-19 Faculty Presentations

Conference Presentations

Berkhofer, Robert F. “The Social Background and Impact of Reform.” Rethinking Reform: Towards a New Understanding of Religious Change, 900-1150.” Summer I 2019.

Berkhofer, Robert F. “Ystoria non Fabula: Remembering Forged Pasts at Saint Peter’s Ghent.” Haskins Society Conference, Fall 2018.

Borish, Linda J. “Chicago Sports History: Fans, Gambling, and Shifting Loyalties.” American Historical Association, Spring 2019.

Borish, Linda J. “Emily Solis-Cohen of the National Welfare Board and Promoting Women’s Sport at Jewish Y’s.” International Society of the History of Physical Education and Sport, Summer II 2018.

Dooley, Howard J. “1958: A Revolutionary Year in Myth, Memory, and History.” World Congress of Middle East Studies, Universidad de Seville, Summer II 2018.

Hadden, Sally J. “The Last British Justice in Colonial America: Charleston’s Board of Police, 1780-1782.” Twenty-third Biennial British Legal History Conference, Summer II 2018.

Hadden, Sally J. “Teaching American Legal History: Digital Resources and Teaching Opportunities.” American Society for Legal History Annual Meeting, Fall 2018.

Nassaney, Michael S. “Measuring Success in the Jesuit Cause.” Fifty-second Annual Conference On Historical and Underwater Archaeology, Spring 2019.

Nassaney, Michael S. “Public Archaeology: A Two-Edged Sword?” Fourteenth Annual Midwest Archaeological Conference, Fall 2018.

Nassaney, Michael S. “Twenty Years of Archaeology at Fort St. Joseph.” Thirty-Ninth Annual Statewide Preservation Conference, Summer I 2019.

Tabor, Nathan L. “The Feel of Sociability: Poetry Salons and Vernacular Literary Ideals in 1740s Delhi.” Middle Eastern Studies Association, Fall 2018.

Tabor, Nathan L. “Wrestling’s Rose: Youngmanhood, Heteroglossia, and Seduction in a Late Safavid Masnavi.” Fifty-fourth International Congress on Medieval Studies, Spring 2019.

Xiong, Victor. “Luoyang, 311 CE.” Ningxia University Shuofang Forum, Summer I 2019.