Secondary Education in History

Are you passionate about history? Do you want to share your passion for history with future generations? A functioning democracy depends on having citizens who are informed about the history of this country and this world. That task rests on the shoulders of elementary, middle and high school social studies and history teachers. Your career as a history or social studies teacher will be a rewarding one—not only will you find employment, you will play a crucial role in shaping the future. 

Interesting Topics

History instructor

You have the option to be a secondary education history (SED) major or Minor, or be a history minor as part of the social studies major. You will receive an in depth education on a wide range of fascinating historical topics, including:

  • American, European and world History.
  • Ancient, medieval, early modern and modern history.
  • Specialized topics such as World War II and the Holocaust, slavery, sports, gender, the Renaissance and the history of food!

You will also receive specialized instruction which will help you excel as a leader and educator in the classroom, as well as support and guidance in preparing for your teaching certification exam (MTTC). Your training will culminate with an internship in a local classroom, where you will gain hands-on experience invaluable to launching your career as an educator.

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