Fieldwork for 18 credit hour Graduate Certificate

HOL 6700/HOL 7120 Professional Fieldwork

This is a 180 clock hours professional field or internship experience in integrative holistic health and wellness to complete the full graduate certificate program. Your field experience can be completed in one semester or up to one year. If the 180 clock hours internship is not completed within one semester, the student may receive an incomplete grade with the approval of the instructor or advisor. This incomplete grade may then be removed and replaced with a "credit/no credit" grade as soon as all of the 180 clock hours of internship are completed within one year.

Students may complete their 180 clock hours of internship field experience in integrative holistic health and wellness by selecting one or a combination of the following areas:

  • Research
  • Teaching courses and seminars
  • Program development and evaluation
  • Clinical work

Those graduate students already enrolled in a master's degree or doctoral degree program at WMU or at any other fully accredited university, may use their required internships within their programs to satisfy the requirements for HOL 6700 (master's level) or HOL 7120 (doctoral level) as long as all of the holistic health certificate course requirements are fulfilled as stated and a holistic activity is included in the program's placement setting. The field experience must be approved by both the degree program and certificate program and requirements for both programs successfully completed.

Each student must plan and arrange their internship experience on their own. Consultation with and approval of the Program Coordinator, Dr. Paula Andrasi, is required before registering for the course. Dr. Paula Andrasi can be contacted at 269-387-3547 or  After approval of your internship, Dr. Andrasi will arrange for you to be enrolled in the course.