Study in the States

  • A line of students in a forest in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Anasazi dwellings as seen by honors students on the Desert Southwest trip.
  • Honors college students holding a W flag standing in front of the California Institute of the Arts.
  • An honors college student wearing a Study in the States t-shirt stands in front of Anasazi dwellings with her back to the camera.
  • Students holding a W and a newspaper standing in front of the San Francisco Chronicle sign.

Study in the States logo which is a graphic of the continental United States and the words Study in the States. Study in the States is a unique program in the Lee Honors College

Study in the States is a unique program in the Lee Honors College offering educational opportunities that will take place outside the classroom.Except for the cost of tuition, expenses will be paid by the honors college. All trip descriptions, including dates, are included in the honors college course catalog. Follow us online using #LHCSIS!

2019 Courses:

Application deadline for those courses will be Thurs., Nov. 15 at 5 p.m.

Summer I

HNRS 2900: U.S./Mexico Border Awareness Experience
May 4 through May 11, 2019
Gen Ed: Area III
This course is an immersion experience that will submerge students in the culture and realities of the US/Mexican border. Students will learn about issues related to the border such as immigration, economic development, human rights and social justice. It will take place in El Paso, Texas—one of the main entry points into the US for undocumented workers and refugees from Mexico and Central America seeking asylum. The experience will center around Annunciation House, a Catholic organization that has been working in El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico since 1978 providing services for migrants and refugees. The students will have the opportunity to tour the border fence, visit the Border Patrol Museum, meet with border patrol agents and observe immigrant court proceedings. They will meet with local non-profit organizations providing legal services to immigrants and refugees crossing the border and visit human rights activists. Please contact Denise Bowen with any questions about this course.

Summer II

HNRS 2900:  Walt’s Pilgrimage: A Journey in the Life of Walt Disney
July 18 through July 26, 2019
Gen Ed: Area III

This unique, biographical road trip will take you from birth to death of the famous Walt Disney. This historical journey will include most of the significant places in Walt's life. More than 30 destinations with a connection to Walt will be visited in as much chronological order as possible. This experience will include stops at two official Disney museums and Disneyland. We will learn about Walt's struggles, risks, and successes—through the lens of his impact on American history and culture. This trip offers an exclusive perspective on Walt Disney, beyond what most of us know from our own personal Disney experiences. Contact Dr. Tremblay via email with any questions  The course is open to all majors.
News Coverage of Previous Walt’s Pilgrimages:
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"This class taught me so much about dreams, perseverance and success."