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The late Dr. Jim Bosco

“Use what you have. Do what you can.”

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The Lee Honors College promotes community engagement though volunteer service as part of our effort to provide honors students with real-world experience, help them apply their classroom learning

Popular RV character Ron Swanson with a caption that reads "the morning after the government steals one hour of my sleep."

Springing Forward

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Many of us woke up yesterday morning (Sunday) at our usual leisurely weekend time only to find out that the actual time was not what our clocks indicated but an hour later because of the start of

Caligraphy reading "Failure is success in progress."

Fail Forward

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In sharing her college experiences with undergraduate students, Dr.

A compass attached to a slip of paper that reads "find your passion."

Find Your True Passion

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Thinking about switching majors? You are not unique. Statistics show that one-third of all university students change careers while in college.

Pine trees covered in snow.

The Bright Side of Winter

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I think we all agree that there is something magical about wintertime in Michigan.

Recent LHC alum Kenny Kressin in Australia.

Explore the World

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When talking to prospective WMU students, Anthony Helms, LHC Assistant Dean and Director of Advising, invariably points out to them that their four years in college make up a gift from life to tot

Two cups of tea with the caption "you suit me to a tea, valentine."

Happy Valentine's Day!

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As soon as the calendar glided toward the last of January, I started seeing in stores and supermarkets signs that Valentine’s Day was approaching: the red and green of Christmas were gone, so too

Hands weaving the crown of a Panama hat.

Talent Has No Price

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We all have heard the catchy phrase, “Do what you love.

A tree person based on the Tolkein characters called Ents.

Light a Lamp

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During winter recess I read a fascinating article about how trees communicate and cooperate with one another: "The Social Lives of Forests.” The article features the work of Dr.