Mix It Up Thursdays

  • Honors Students in front of the Detroit Eastern Market Banner.
  • Honors students standing in front of artwork on a wall at the Charles H. Wright Museum
  • Honors students in front of a decorated wall at the Arab-American Museum.
  • Students dressed in Halloween costumes standing in front of a painting in the honors college lounge.

Come to the Lee Honors College lounge nearly every Thursday at 7 p.m. to engage in workshops, presentations and activities. Mix It Up events fulfill the honors college sponsored event requirement. Each event will have free food, beverages and good company. Please contact Jasmine Williams with questions.

All events will focus on at least one of the following areas of development:

A: Academic
S: Social
P: Professional

Spring 2019 schedule

A 100 person cap has been instituted due to safety concerns. If you are more than 10 minutes late, you will not be allowed in.

Jan. 10 - S
Welcome Back
Presented by Honors College Staff

Jan. 17 - A
Study Abroad Information
Presented by Ryan Rounds, Study Abroad and Honors College Staff

Jan. 24 - P
Goal Setting and Vision Board Making
Presented by Honors College Staff

Jan. 31 - A
Utilizing Your Resources
Presented by Dianna Sachs, WMU Library Services

Feb. 7 - S
Intercultural Competence Committee

Feb. 14 - S
Honors College Prom
Presented by Honors College Staff

Feb. 28 - A
SpeakOUT Panel
Presented by LBGT Student Services

March 14 - S
Movie Night
Presented by Honors College Staff

March 21 - P
Resumes and Head Shots*
Presented by Sarah Hagen, Career and Student Employment Services

March 28 - A
Thesis Q & A
Presented by Honors College Staff

April 4 - A
Sustainable Efforts and Composting
Presented by Justin Gish, Office of Sustainability

April 11 - S
A Capella Performance
Presented by Vocaholics

April 18 - A
Wellness and Stress Relief
Presented by Honors College Staff

*Limited seating, must RSVP