Tuesday Talks - Fall 2019

Join us Tuesdays this fall for a short TED-Style video followed by a staff or faculty led discussion. Free and open to the public, noon, honors college lounge.

Sept. 10
The Power of Mentorship
Facilitated by PSST

Sept. 17
The Urgency of Intersectionality
Facilitated by Intercultural Competence Committee

Kimberlé Crenshaw, civil rights activist and scholar, talks about the importance of intersectionality when viewing our lives and the lives of others. Having coined the term “intersectionality,” Crenshaw relates how different forms of oppression intersect and therefore change the frame through which one experiences life. The ICC will hold a small discussion before and after watching the talk, exploring how intersectionality affects us in our daily lives and the importance of placing it at the forefront when talking about privilege, oppression, and activism.

Sept. 24
Facilitated by Kate Bates

Oct. 1
Failing Forward
Facilitated by Anthony Helms

Oct. 8
Stalking for Love: A Conversation on Romance and Boundaries
Facilitated by Danielle Snow

The focus for this Tuesday Talk will be about romantic relationships, appropriate behaviors and boundaries. Students will be invited to watch a video on how film and media tend to conflate love gestures and stalking behaviors as one and the same. This video will lead us into a discussion on how romance and stalking are actually two very different experiences and why we should not normalize the synonymizing of love and stalking. We will also spend time considering how boundary setting can be a tool in reconstructing our ideas of healthy romance.

Oct. 15 - Fall Break, No Talk

Oct. 22
Live Life at 90%
Facilitated by Joe Erskine

Explore the powers of perspective and positivity in everyday interaction, decision-making and goal achievement.  Featuring a short TED-Ed on cognitive processing (from Trevor Maber) followed by an inspirational video from former professional wrestler and yoga entrepreneur Diamond Dallas Page (DDP Yoga, Shark Tank).

Oct. 29
It's the Great Pumpkin!

Facilitated by Jennifer Townsend
We'll watch the classic It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! and talk about the origins of the American Halloween tradition.

Nov. 5
Facilitated by Dr. Jeffrey Jones

Nov. 12
Facilitated by Juliana Espinosa

Nov. 19
Water for the future? Exploring solutions for sustainable water use.
Facilitated by Dr. Maarten Vonhof

Water. Essential to all life, including human, on the planet. Yet we arguably do a poor job of managing our water resources and issues with water rights and access to available water are at the heart of human conflicts and environmental crises all over the world. We’ll view two TED talks that explore simple and innovative solutions to water conservation and restoration and provide us with a constructive path forward to more sustainable water use.

Nov. 26 - Thanksgiving Break, No Talk

Dec. 3 - TBD