Fall 2016 Lyceum Lecture Series

Our Blue Marble - Water, Home, and humanity (part iI)

Our Blue Marble launches the second of two Lee Honors College Lyceum lecture series exploring water. During spring and fall 2016, we explore water, one of our most precious, and also most vulnerable global natural resources, from multiple perspectives. Part I (spring 2016) examined water issues in the Great Lakes region, with a special focus on Kalamazoo, and Part II (fall 2016) broadens the perspective to consider global issues related to water.

All lectures are free and open to the community. Light refreshments provided. Lectures will be held Wednesdays from noon to 1 p.m. in the Lee Honors College lounge, unless otherwise noted. Lunch is not provided, but brown bag lunches are welcome.

Watch videos of the Fall 2016 series here.

September 14

"Planetary Water"

Dr. Johnson Haas, Geosciences

September 21

"The Science of High Resolution Global Ocean Models"

Dr. Brian Arbic, Physical Oceanography and Ocean Modeling, Department of Earth and Environmental Studies, University of Michigan

September 28

 "The Aral Sea: Devastation and Partial Restoration of a Great Lake"

Dr. Phil Micklin, Geography

October 5

"The Useful Pursuit of Shadows: Clouds, Precipitation, NASA's Earth Observing Mission"

Dr. Todd Ellis, Mallinson Institute for Science Education and Department of Geography

October 12

"Remote Sensing and Water Resources"

Dr. Mohammed Sultan, Geosciences

October 19

"The Global Water Crisis: Toward Sustainable Fresh Water Use"

Dr. Steve Kohler, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

October 26

"Urban Water Challenges"

Dr. Gabriel Filippelli, Earth Sciences, Indiana University- Purdue University Indianapolis

November 2

"Believing Bad Water is Good: Lessons from Mexico"

Dr. Sarah Hill, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

November 9

"Connected Waters: Ecology and Evolution of Migration in Fishes"

Dr. Devin Bloom, Biological Sciences

November 16

"Providing Clean Water Worldwide"

Paul Flickinger, Clean Water for the World - Kalamazoo

November 30

"Global Health and Water"

Dr. Richard Roach, Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine

No December event

Genius Grant Recipient LaToya Ruby Frazier's photo essay and short film on the Flint Water Crisis, "Flint is Family" can be viewed here.

Seas aren’t just rising, scientists say — it’s worse than that. They’re speeding up.