Intercultural Competence Committee

The WMU W with the words Intercultural Competence Committee and Lee Honors College circling it.

The Intercultural Competence Committee

The ICC is a student group within the Lee Honors College that strives to create spaces that promote cultural humility, accountability, and self-education. 

Our Mission: 

The Intercultural Cultural Committee (ICC) seeks to promote an environment and culture among Lee Honors College students and the campus community that values diversity, equity and inclusion for all cultural and identity groups, and to build cultural competencies among the student body.

Our Goal:

The ICC seeks to further the education and learning of the student body surrounding intercultural communication and interaction through courses or activities that promote understanding collegiality. ICC will fulfill this mission by offering courses and programming related to non-Western and non-majority cultures, gender, class structures, differing abilities and other barriers that limit personal and societal well-being.

Activities Include:

  • Open discussions and forums
  • Social events
  • ICC Speaks Presentation Series
  • Netflix Parties

Past ICC Speaks Topics Include:

  • White Privilege
  • Cultural Appropriation
  • Microaggressions/Hate Crims
  • How to be an Ally to POC
  • Removing Geographic Based Stereotypes

For more information, contact the committee via email

Current Members:

Virginia Ramos

Jack Reeves

Jayden Sibley