The Laureate

Laureate contributors

The Laureate, a free annual student literary publication, is funded through the Lee Honors College. The process of bringing the journal project to fruition each year serves as a senior thesis project opportunity for an honors college student. Interested undergraduate WMU students may send in their work, which may include poetry, prose, flash fiction, graphic art, non-fiction, photography and photographs of art projects in different mediums. Lengthy short stories or plays should be limited to under 15 pages and may be subject to being excerpted by the editors for publication, with approval from the author. All creative works submitted to by Dec. 31st of each year will be considered. Multiple submissions are encouraged! There is no fee to submit and the magazine will be available online for all to enjoy. Hard copies of the Laureate are made available to the contributors.

As for the duties of the student pursuing the position of Editor-in-Chief, the schedule usually proceeds as follows: Starting in September and October, the Editor-in-Chief, either solo or with a small team of assistant editors, will solicit, read and select poetry, prose and photography to be included in the issue, working closely with a mentor who serves as a faculty editor. The Editor-in-Chief will also maintain social media, as we have a Tumblr page, and a Facebook page, The Laureate Collection, where visitors can find updates, writing prompts and other general information.

The Editor-in-Chief works closely with the Design Center, starting in January when the manuscript will be well edited and assembled. From the working manuscript, the design students will craft our content into an aesthetically pleasing artifact that they may also use as senior projects and contest submission items themselves. The culminating event, organized and advertised by the Editor-in-Chief, involves a release party and reading in April with the authors and artists sharing their work. To further explore the technology of the digital version, Western Sound Studios has provided audio engineers to record the authors reading for the online edition. The entire endeavor, from the writing, to the design, to the recording, to the editorial process remains in the hands of Western’s undergraduate population, making The Laureate a unique publishing opportunity.