Peer Student Success Team

Eboni Brown

Hello! I am a passionate and caring person eager to help. It is because of this that I have decided to pursue nursing. This fall I will be starting my sophomore year, which will also be my first year of nursing school! When I am not stressing over my studies I can be found watching Netflix, playing video games, listening to music, or even reading a good book. One of my favorite places to relax or study, (it depends on the day), is the honors college. It is a great space for me to get everything I need done. It even serves as a great space to socialize as well. The honors college is a great space to meet new people and interact with mentors, professors and other faculty members. I love all that it has to offer and am grateful to have it as a resource.

 Head and shoulders portrait of Allegra Ellis.




Allegra Ellis
I am an idealist. I'm upbeat and optimistic and am very involved in social and environmental activist movements here in the community. I like to laugh and dance, and I teach Zumba here on campus. I am a second year student double majoring in Gender and Women's Studies and Social Work with a minor in Spanish. Reading, writing, dancing, and laughing with my friends and family are my top hobbies. I also play jazz trombone and piano, and play trombone in a band. I love the positivity and helpfulness that the Lee Honors College promotes and cultivates.





Mackenzie Farmwald
I am a second year student majoring in Chemistry. In my freetime in the fall and spring I enjoy hanging my hammock and appreciating the outdoors, and no matter the season I love my dogs. I am proud to be a part of the Lee Honors College family because of the inclusivity of the community, and the commitment to the success of all students.


 Head and shoulders portrait of Diana Hernandez.





Diana Hernandez

Hola! I'm a third-year student from the Dominican Republic majoring in Anthropology and Sociology. I'm curious and skeptical about other ways of living around the world, and I enjoy a lot working and interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds. Nature is my best friend and traveling, eating, hiking, camping, going to the beach, reading books and spending time with family and friends is how I fulfill my life. What I most love from the Lee Honors College is how you can feel the support of a family even when you are thousands of mile away from home.






Head and shoulders portrait of Kyle Knaub.




Kyle Knaub

I am a third-year student majoring in hydrogeology with a minor in group science. I have lived in a few states but have spent most of my life in Channahon, Illinois. One of my favorite things to do is being outdoors and enjoying all that you can do in the wilderness. Some of my favorite things I have done are hiking up mountains, white water rafting, and cave exploring. Within the walls of the honors college you can feel that same sense of adventure because you are immersed in a culturally diverse atmosphere flooded with driven, friendly and fun people. In the honors college you can experience so many different activities that you just never know what you will discover, however you just know you will discover something worthwhile.




Head and shoulders portrait of Morgan Kronner.





Morgan Kronner
I am an industrial and entrepreneurial engineer major and will be a sophomore this year. I love to play soccer, pet dogs, play piano, and pretend like I know how to play ukelele. I am from China, Michigan (yes this is a real place) where I have a dog, a cat, and previously owned two goats. One of my favorite things about the honors college are the people. This place allows you to make so many friends with the same mind set as you that just happen to be really cool!





Andrea Laurin

I am majoring in electrical engineering with a minor in mathematics and I will be a junior this year. I love exploring the outdoors and being active, going camping, hiking, playing soccer, and skiing. I never shy away from an adventure! My hometown is a small town in mid-Michigan called Grand Blanc, though the honors college has quickly become a second home for me. It is great always having a place to go on campus knowing you will be surrounded by supportive and helpful peers. The opportunities are endless at the honors college!

Shannon Robinson
I am a fourth-year student majoring in speech-pathology and sudiology with minors in American Sign Language studies and gerontology. My hometown is Detroit, MI and I am a big Tigers fan. I enjoy playing with my dog, doing yoga, hanging with friends, being outdoors, and shopping. I am passionate about community service and social justice. If I am not in the honors college, you can find me in the College of Health and Human Services or hanging in my hammock by Miller fountain. My favorite thing about the honors college is the environment that it facilitates for academic and personal growth, while still providing fun opportunities!

 Head and shoulders portrait of Emma Smith.



Emma Smith
Hello! I am a sophomore studying accounting and general business. I love spending my time listening to music, playing with or walking dogs, and camping. I also enjoy going to sporting events and spending time with friends and family. I love elephants, bike riding and WMU! The honors college is not only a great place to study and hang out, but you have access to great resources and a friendly, welcoming, helpful environment. There are plenty of fun opportunities and ways to give back to the community, as well.





Kate Williams
I am a sophomore studying biomedical sciences, as my future career goal is to be a medical specialist. Home for me is Blowing Rock, North Carolina. My family and I have lived in 4 different states, but I spent the majority of my childhood in Blowing Rock. I currently live just outside of Kalamazoo, and each day this community is becoming my new home. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, being with my dogs, playing games, cooking, and volunteering. I am fortunate to be involved in some very exciting organizations at WMU. The honors college is such a positive influence in my life, as I always feel so supported, inspired, and encouraged to succeed in all aspects, as I am uplifted by the many determined members, faculty, and staff of the honors college.