Student Profile of the Week: Sophia Bianchi

Sophia Bianchi wearing a brown dress, smiling.
Posted by Bethany Gauthier on

Sophia is a sophomore majoring in speech, language and hearing sciences who is a part of the Skydive Broncos registered student organization and is a Learning Community Assistant (LCA) for the new Bronco Connect Learning Community in Fox Hall Valley 3. This past summer, Sophia took part in the Walt’s Pilgrimage Study in the States opportunity and traveled across the country with other LHC students to learn more about the life and accomplishments of Walt Disney. 

When asked what she appreciates most about the honors college, Sophia shares that she really loves the building and has a favorite spot here where she likes to do homework and chat with friends. Her advice for students who are new to the LHC is to attend the weekly Mix-It-Up events. She attended a lot of them during her freshman year and notes that it really helped her break out of her shell and meet other students. 

Sophia’s favorite place on campus is our LHC building or the study spots under the prisms on the first floor of Sangren Hall. Her favorite option for takeout near campus is Campus Wok, a great place to go for ‘late-night, college student food.’ 

Congratulations to Sophia on being nominated for a Lee Honors College Student Profile of the Week!

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Video of Student Profile of the Week- Sophia Bianchi