Fine Arts House

Fine Art Student Photo

"Being a part of the Fine Arts Community has really opened up a lot of opportunities. From meeting new people to making small ensembles, being a part of a community is some of the best networking you can do."
— Ben, Sophomore, West Olive, MI, Trombone Performance and Electrical Engineering


Students majoring in WMU’s College of Fine Arts can opt to live in the Fine Arts House. Located in Draper/Siedschlag Hall, the community offers a great opportunity for those with a love of visual and performing arts to live together. The College of Fine Arts supports the community.

Thinking Honors? Fine Arts majors in the Lee Honors College can opt for the Fine Arts-Honors section the Fine Arts House. That means your neighbors will also be in the Honors College.


  • Courtyard Acoustics
  • Art in the Basement (painting murals)
  • Self-defense/campus safety session
  • Karaoke night
  • Discussions on a variety of topics like typecasting, preparing for music juries, how to do a studio show, etc.


  • Two sound proof practice rooms, a visual arts room, electronic piano that records what you play, and a large studio with a dance floor and wall of mirrors located in the hall 
  • Network with fine arts students representing a variety of disciplines 
  • Close location to Dalton CenterGilmore Theatre Complex and Richmond Center for Visual Arts
  • The hall has a carry-out meal service for those busy days with rehearsals, recitals and more
  • Two Learning Community Assistants who are fine arts majors – they plan events, share advice and help you as you need them