Bronco Buddies

Photo of two male students moving into the residence hallsBronco Buddies help Western Michigan University students move into the residence halls, answer new students’ questions and in general welcome everyone to the start of another great year.

For dates and times, please check the Bronco Buddies schedule

Bronco Buddies Schedule

Information for volunteers

Thanks for considering Bronco Buddies! In return for helping with this longstanding WMU tradition, Bronco Buddies move into the residence halls early, at no charge. In addition, participants receive a Bronco Buddies t-shirt.

Because Bronco Buddies assist in answering incoming students' questions about college, volunteers are asked to be at least second-year students. Transfer students are welcome to participate as volunteers.

So when does it all happen?

There will be three fall move-in dates for 2019: Aug. 23 and 24 during the Fall Welcome move in, and Aug. 25 when the residence halls officially open. Bronco Buddies will work a shift each of those three days. Volunteers will move into their residence hall Aug. 22.

Bronco Buddy expectations

Bronco Buddies are expected to be positive representatives of the WMU community. In addition to assisting students move into the residence halls, Bronco Buddies should be able to answer questions from parents and students, or direct them to someone who can. Bronco Buddies are requested to work each day of move in, Aug. 23, Aug. 24 and Aug. 25, and they are required to attend a short training session on Aug. 22.

Hall chairs

In addition to being a Bronco Buddy, students may choose to volunteer as a hall chair. Hall chairs are the on-site coordinators at each hall. They assist with move in as a Bronco Buddy but have the additional responsibilities of organizing volunteers, communicating with the Bronco Buddies coordinator, listening to concerns from parents and fellow Bronco Buddies, and providing a point of information for fellow Bronco Buddies.

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Contact Bronco Buddies Coordinator 
Phone: (269) 387-4747