Business Community


Business student photo

"One of the greatest benefits of living in the LBC is all of the networking opportunities. We have faculty members visit, as well as business executives and alumni who are doing great in their careers. If not for the BLC, I wouldn't have all these new connections."
— Charlee, Senior, Omer, MI, Accountancy


Students in the Haworth College of Business or seeking a business-related career can opt to live in WMU’s Business Community. Located in Harrison Hall, the community is a great opportunity for those pursuing a business-related field to interact and study together. The Haworth College of Business is actively involved with the community.

Thinking Honors? Business majors in the Lee Honors College can opt for the Business-Honors section of the Business Community. That means your neighbors will also be in the Honors College. 


  • Kick-off with business administrators
  • Pizza with the Pros (network with alumni)
  • Lunches with Haworth College of Business faculty
  • Pop Tart Party with Kellogg's college recruiters
  • Networking and financial planning events with Consumer Credit Union staff and senior management
  • In-hall advising for course registration


  • Neighbors around you taking the same classes
  • Weekly tutoring for first-year business courses
  • Corporate lounges
  • Located near the Haworth College of Business
  • Two Learning Community Assistants who are business majors – they plan events, share advice, tutor, and help as you need them