Science Scholars LCA

The events my LCA held allowed me to meet other residents in Science Scholars, gave me the potential to form a study group, and introduced me to student organizations, where I could meet more students with similar interests.

Trevor - Science Scholars LCA

Science Scholars

Closing Fall 2023

Closing Fall 2023:

Science Scholars is closing after spring 2023. We have several other learning communities that may interest STEM majors.

Students majoring in core science areas like biology, bio-med sciences, chemistry and physics can opt to live on a floor together as part of the Science Scholars. Located in Eicher Hall, the community offers a great opportunity for those pursuing a science-related field to interact and study together. The College of Arts and Sciences supports the community.


  • Explosions (seriously...Chem Club + liquid nitrogen=boom)
  • Jewelry making with rocks
  • Field trips to the Kalamazoo Nature Center or Alligator Sanctuary
  • Touring labs and learning about faculty research


  • Neighbors around you taking the same classes
  • Study lounge on the floor perfect for group work
  • Tutoring for biology, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, psychology and math nearby
  • Opportunities to connect with faculty and different student organizations representing the sciences
  • A Learning Community Assistant majoring in a core science like biology, biomedical or chemistry – they plan events, share advice, tutor and help as you need them