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Residence Halls

Housing Contract

Students enrolled in at least one credit hour are eligible to live in WMU residence halls. A variety of residence halls are available, as well as four different meal plans. Meal plans are required unless a student lives in Henry or Harrison/Stinson halls.

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We recommend students complete the online sign up process versus mailing in a printed contract. Please review the 2014-15 contract for information.

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You may view your contract/assignment status at any time. You will automatically receive an email notification when assignment information is released or changed.

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT YOU ARE ENTERING INTO A LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT WITH THE UNIVERSITY. Upon signing this contract, you (and your parent(s) or guardian if you are under the legal age of 18) become responsible for all the terms and financial obligations of your contract until the end of the Spring Semester. Please contact the Residence Life office at (269) 387-4735 or with questions.


Students requesting disability related accommodations should contact:

1903 W Michigan Ave Phone: (269) 387-2116
Western Michigan University TTY: (269) 387-2120
Kalamazoo MI 49008-5326 Fax: (269) 387-0633


Students wishing to cancel a housing contract must do so in writing or at the Residence Life office. A cancellation fee may apply depending on when you cancel your contract and whether or not you are still attending WMU.