Education Community

Education Student Photo

"I live with other students studying the same major as me, so we have classes together and created study groups. I am able to focus on my studies while also creating amazing friendships."
— Tucker, Freshman, Kalamazoo, MI, Early Childhood Education


Students seeking an education-related career can opt to live in the Education Community. Located in Hadley Hall, the community offers a great opportunity for those pursuing an education-related field to interact and study together. The College of Education and Human Development supports the community. 

  • New for fall 2020: the Education Community is moving to Garneau Hall (Valley 2).


  • Trivia night with faculty


  • Neighbors around you taking similar classes
  • Located near the College of Education and Human Development
  • A Learning Community Assistant who is an education major – they plan events, share advice and help you as you need them