• Harrison Hall
  • Stinson Hall

Harrison/Stinson Hall (Valley 3)

Harrison/Stinson will close May 2024 to undergo a major redevelopment. This initiative is part of Housing’s ongoing goal to enhance services and facilities for both current and future student needs. Valley 3 will be closed for the 2024-25 academic year, with the new residence hall slated to open in 2026.



Harrison/Stinson is a vibrant and lively community with involved and active students. Residents frequently use the hall’s game room for fun and relaxation. The hall is located next to the Valley Dining Center and close to the Haworth College of Business and Intramural Fields. 


  • Business Community [Harrison] - moving to LeFevre Hall starting fall 2024
  • Coed floors with suites assigned by gender
  • Card access system for interior and exterior doors
  • Dining center located within the Valley neighborhood

Walking Time

  • Valley Dining Center

    Valley Dining Center

    1 minute

  • Student Center

    Student Center

    10 minutes

  • Student Recreation Center

    Student Recreation Center

    15 minutes

  • Waldo Library

    Waldo Library

    15 minutes

The Room

Bedroom: 12 feet by 12 feet 2 inches. Entrance: 5 feet 5 inches by 6 feet 1 inch.

Suites consist of two rooms that share a connecting bathroom. A total of four people live in a suite.

Furniture provided

  • Two beds and mattresses—bunkable, loftable (kit in room)
  • Two desks 
  • Two chairs
  • Two three-drawer dressers
  • One recycling bin

What about the bathroom?

  • One shower and toilet, partitioned off for privacy
  • Counter with two sinks
  • Two medicine cabinets with mirrors
  • Four towel bars


Hall director: Amanda Nagy
Graduate assistant: Lucas Perkins
Hall office phone: (269) 387-6612
Front desk phone: (269) 387-6611