Human Performance House

Human Performance Student Photo

"Living in community with people in common classes helps with studying for exams. Also, living with people who want to go into the same field as you and have the same goals is really motivational."
— Matthew, Junior, Plainwell, MI, Recreation Management


Students in majors like athletic training, exercise science, recreation management and sports management can opt to live in the Human Performance House. Located in Eicher Hall, the community is a great opportunity for those pursuing human performance-related fields to interact and study together. The College of Education and Human Development supports the community.


This is a new community, so help us make the traditions!  Here’s some of what we have planned:

  • Rock wall climbing
  • Parachute antics (Remember the parachute games you played in gym?)
  • Discussions with staff from semi-pro teams like the Kalamazoo Growlers (baseball), Kalamazoo Wings (hockey) and West Michigan Mayhem (women’s football)


  • A Learning Community Assistant majoring in a human performance field – they plan events, share advice, form study groups, and help as you need them
  • Many students in the building take bio, anatomy and physiology classes, so it’s easy to find a study group
  • Tutoring for biology, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, psychology and math in the hall
  • A fitness room is located in the hall