COVID-19 Information

Safety Measures

Housing and Residence Life has always been attentive to student health and safety. We will continue active measures to keep our environment healthy while acknowledging the changing nature of the pandemic. Below is a list of additional safety measures we are taking to protect our students.

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are located in all residence hall lobbies.
  • Protective clear barriers are at all front desks and in hall offices to reduce contact between students and staff while still providing needed service.
  • Students can do virtual or in-person meetings with housing staff, depending on the staff member or student’s preference.
  • Custodial

    All residence hall and vacant apartment rooms are cleaned by a professional crew prior to move-in. After a traditional cleaning, they will be disinfected with electrostatic disinfecting equipment.

    Custodial staff is onsite in the residence halls, Western View Apartments and Spindler Hall.  Stadium Drive apartments have custodial multiple days a week and we are attempting to increase it to seven days a week. Custodial practices were developed utilizing the Centers for Disease Control and industry recommendations.

    • All high-frequency touchpoints are cleaned and disinfected multiple times per day.
    • Bathrooms are deep cleaned and wiped down (disinfected) multiple times a day along with product stock checks and refills.
    • All public spaces are cleaned with electrostatic disinfecting equipment prior to fall move-in. This equipment will continue to be used during the semesters as needed to disinfect large spaces quickly and effectively.
    • Purell hand sanitizer stations in residence hall lobbies are checked and restocked daily.

    Suite bathrooms are inside student rooms, so custodial staff does not enter the space. Students are expected to clean their own bathroom. Cleaning guidelines are placed in each bathroom to help students. The guidelines draw from Centers for Disease Control recommendations.

  • Policies


    Housing's guest policy is returning to its pre-pandemic status. Students may have up to two guests who are at least 18-years-old. Guests are permitted to stay overnight with prior consent of all roommates and suitemates, if applicable. Guests are only permitted to stay for a maximum of two consecutive nights. Hosts are responsible for all guest behavior. Off-campus guests and non-vaccinated WMU students must wear a mask while indoors.

  • Students who may be exposed to or have symptoms of COVID-19

    Students who test positive and are told to isolate by a medical provider will be asked to return to their home or permanent place of residence for the duration of their quarantine or isolation. Once cleared (via a health provider), the person may return to their housing assignment.