COVID-19 Information

Safety Measures

Housing and Residence Life has always been attentive to student health and safety. We will continue active measures to keep our environment healthy while acknowledging the changing nature of the pandemic. Below is a list of additional safety measures we are taking to protect our students.

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are located in all residence hall lobbies.
  • Protective clear barriers are at all front desks and in hall offices to reduce contact between students and staff while still providing needed service.
  • All buildings have signs and markings as reminders of social distancing requirements.
  • When inside buildings, please keep right in stairwells and hallways and make every effort to maintain social distancing.
  • Students will be expected to wear masks in residence hall public areas, including the lobby, lounges, elevator and stairwells, and laundry rooms. Masks may be removed in your room or apartment. We recommend wearing them in your room if neighbors are visiting.
  • Housing staff provided personal protective equipment related to their job function.
  • Students can do virtual or in-person meetings with housing staff, depending on the staff member or student’s preference.
  • Custodial

    All residence hall and vacant apartment rooms are cleaned by a professional crew prior to move-in. After a traditional cleaning, they will be disinfected with electrostatic disinfecting equipment.

    Custodial staff is onsite in the residence halls, Western View Apartments and Spindler Hall.  Stadium Drive apartments have custodial multiple days a week and we are attempting to increase it to seven days a week. Custodial practices were developed utilizing the Centers for Disease Control and industry recommendations.

    • All high-frequency touchpoints are cleaned and disinfected multiple times per day.
    • Bathrooms are deep cleaned and wiped down (disinfected) multiple times a day along with product stock checks and refills.
    • All public spaces are cleaned with electrostatic disinfecting equipment prior to fall move-in. This equipment will continue to be used during the semesters as needed to disinfect large spaces quickly and effectively.
    • Purell hand sanitizer stations in residence hall lobbies are checked and restocked daily.

    Custodial employees themselves are wearing personal protective equipment, completing a health screening at the beginning of each shift, and practicing social distancing.

    Suite bathrooms are inside student rooms, so custodial staff does not enter the space. Students are expected to clean their own bathroom. Cleaning guidelines are placed in each bathroom to help students. The guidelines draw from Centers for Disease Control recommendations.

  • Housing quarantine and isolation protocol

    It is a student’s responsibility to secure a space off campus should they be told to quarantine or isolate by a medical professional. There is limited space and resources for on-campus housing. Therefore, if students are living in a residence hall or apartment where it Is required that they relocate, they need to temporarily move to an off-campus dwelling for the duration of their quarantine or isolation time period. There is no housing for off-campus students who are advised to isolate or quarantine.

    “Isolation” is for students with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, thereby requiring complete isolation from the campus community. Isolation may be achieved through relocation to an off-campus address or (for already identified groups only) an identified on-campus location, as designated by University officials.

    “Quarantine” is for students who were exposed to the COVID-19 virus, thereby requiring removal from contact with the campus community for a period of 14 days. Quarantine may be achieved through relocation to an off-campus address or (for already identified groups only) an identified on-campus location, as designated by University officials.

    Students who need to quarantine may NOT stay in their current room to do so.  They must move.

    Quarantine and isolation rooms
    Students who are permitted to relocate will have 1-1.5 hours to return to their room to get needed belongings and check into their quarantine or isolation room.  Rooms are suite-style with only one student assigned per suite.  Students are provided a microfridge, trash can, basic linen packet and water.  An information packet in the room outlines how students will receive mail, when trash is picked up, etc. Students will not be allowed any guests while in isolation or quarantine. 

    Students will have access to meals by using Contact-Free Meal Delivery. This service is available on the student’s first full day of quarantine or isolation. Students will be emailed the ordering link along with instructions for how to place orders during this time.

    Students in quarantine can use food delivery services like GrubHub, DoorDash, etc. during their quarantine period as long as they do not leave the hall and have their food delivered to the front door. Students are responsible for taking appropriate precautionary measures in all circumstances, such as wearing a mask outside their room and asking them to leave the food at the front door and waiting until they are at least 6 feet away before opening the door to retrieve their items.

    The Dean of Students, with the student’s consent, will notify professors the student is unable to attend class. COVID-19 positive information will not be shared in that communication.

    Communication with isolated students
    A combination of Sindecuse Health Center and Housing staff will be connecting with students daily.

    Leaving isolation/quarantine
    Students may not leave except to get medical care. Appointments may be made with Sindecuse and Counseling Services via telehealth.

  • Notifying students

    When Housing is made aware that a student tested positive for COVID-19, a letter will be posted in the entry of the residence hall or apartment building stating a positive case was identified in the building. Students are encouraged to continue compliance with self-monitoring, masks and hygiene. Anyone who is considered a close contact will be directly notified via phone call.

  • Policies


    Aug. 4 update:  Due to our local community’s recent uptick in infections, all students, faculty, staff and visitors—regardless of vaccination status—are required to wear a mask in campus buildings and other WMU facilities.


    Housing's guest policy is returning to its pre-pandemic status. Students may have up to two guests who are at least 18-years-old. Guests are permitted to stay overnight with prior consent of all roommates and suitemates, if applicable. Guests are only permitted to stay for a maximum of two consecutive nights. Hosts are responsible for all guest behavior. Off-campus guests and non-vaccinated WMU students must wear a mask while indoors.


    Students must show their health badge when asked by University faculty and staff, including Housing staff. Students should be prepared to show badging if asked by housing staff.  For more about WMU’s health survey and badging, click here

    Public spaces

    Occupancy limits for lounges are posted so physical distancing can be maintained. Furniture in lounges will match the maximum number of occupants. Should health concerns change in Kalamazoo County, lounges will be closed and students notified.

  • Students who may be exposed to or have symptoms of COVID-19
    • If vaccinated and exposed: The student must mask for 14 days when in indoor spaces and be tested 3-5 days after their exposure.  If they are negative, they do not need to quarantine.
    • If vaccinated and has symptoms: The student must test right away and if positive, they must isolate immediately.
    • If not vaccinated and exposed but no symptoms: The student enters quarantine for 10 days and must be tested 3-5 days into quarantine.
    • If not vaccinated and exposed and shows symptoms: Student should be tested for COVID-19 immediately.

    Students who test positive and are told to isolate by a medical provider will be asked to return to their home or permanent place of residence for the duration of their quarantine or isolation. Students that are permitted to remain on campus, will be provided a space in the appropriate hall. There is a limited amount of rooms available. Once cleared (via a health provider), the person may return to their housing assignment. If students test positive at Sindecuse, Sindecuse will contact appropriate University personnel.  If students are tested elsewhere, we cannot guarantee notification, so students should still follow up with Sindecuse via secure message in the student’s patient portal to alert Sindecuse of their off-campus test results.