Guests, defined as anyone not living in your current residence hall or WMU apartment, are not allowed. Students may have one visitor, meaning someone who lives in your current residence hall or WMU apartment, in their room or apartment. Visitors may not spend the night. Roommates and suite mates should consent to a visitor prior to them coming into the room or apartment. Hosts and visitors are encouraged to wear a mask when in the room or WMU apartment.



In the wake of the COVID–19 pandemic, health organizations, including the Center for Disease Control (CDC), recommend social distancing and limited gatherings to limit community-based transmission. This rule addresses guest limitations.

In the event the CDC and/or government officials change the expectations for social distancing and limited gatherings, this rule may be modified or rescinded.

Key Definitions:

Guest: Any person who does not reside within a specific residence hall or WMU Apartment complex (eg. family members and friends who reside in other locations or buildings, regardless of their student status).

Resident: The student who resides in any residence hall room or WMU Apartment, regardless of single, double, or triple occupancy status (residence halls) or number of bedroom spaces (WMU Apartments).

In-hall/In-complex visitor:  A student who is visiting another room within the same hall where they reside (e.g. an Ackley/Shilling resident visiting other Ackley/Shilling rooms), or is visiting another apartment within the same complex where they reside (e.g. a Western View resident visiting another Western View apartment).

Maximum occupancy: The allowable number of people in a resident’s living space, including residence hall room or WMU Apartment. This is determined by each resident having a maximum of one in-hall (residence halls) or in-complex (WMU Apartments) visitor at a time (e.g. a double room has two residents, making the maximum occupancy four people).

Full rule details

  • Guests are not permitted in residence halls or WMU Apartments at any time. 
  • Each resident is permitted a maximum of one (1) in-hall/in-complex visitor in their room at a time to ensure compliance with maximum occupancy expectations.  As documented in the Face Covering policy, residents should wear masks when in-hall/in-complex visitors are present in their room/apartment and encourage their in-hall/in-complex visitors to do so.
  • No overnight in-hall/in-complex visitors are permitted. 
  • Residents must have the approval of all roommates and/or suite mates before allowing any in-hall/in-complex visitors into their shared space(s).
  • Residents who fail to report another resident’s violation of this rule are also in violation of this rule (e.g. if a resident is aware their roommate has a resident from another hall in their room).


  • During a resident’s assigned Fall 2020 move in time, 2 guests per resident are permitted to assist with move in. They must comply with the University’s Face Covering policy.
  • During an official room change process, 1 guest per resident is permitted to assist with moving, pending Housing and Residence Life approval.  This person must comply with the University’s Face Covering policy.
  • When a resident moves out of campus housing, 2 guests per resident are permitted to assist. They must comply with the University's Face Covering policy.
  • Western Michigan University employees on official business, as determined by Housing and Residence Life and/or their designee, are permitted in the residence halls and WMU Apartments.
  • Residents with children who are residing in family housing are permitted to have one guest, as needed, to provide child care. Child care guests must have their information entered into the housing system.


Violations of this rule are subject to the process and sanctions outlined in the Student Code.

Additional Information

Visitation privileges may be further limited as determined by Housing and Residence Life staff.