Science Scholars


Science Scholar Student Photos

"Science scholars isn't your basic community. We give each other academic, social and emotional support, which lets us excel in our passions. It is just the right place for anyone who loves  science."
— Marcos, Senior, Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico, Biomedical Science and Biochemistry


Students majoring in core science areas like biology, bio-med sciences, chemistry and physics can opt to live on a floor together as part of the Science Scholars. Located in Garneau Hall, the community offers a great opportunity for those pursuing a science-related field to interact and study together. The College of Arts and Sciences supports the community.


  • Explosions (seriously...Chem Club + liquid nitrogen=boom)
  • Jewelry making with rocks
  • Field trips to the Kalamazoo Nature Center or Alligator Sanctuary
  • Touring labs and learning about faculty research


  • Neighbors around you taking the same classes
  • Study lounge on the floor perfect for group work
  • Tutoring for biology, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, psychology and math nearby
  • Opportunities to connect with faculty and different student organizations representing the sciences
  • A Learning Community Assistant majoring in a core science like biology, biomedical or chemistry – they plan events, share advice, tutor and help as you need them