Apartment Sign-Up

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When to sign up

When you sign up, you will pick your apartment. There is no waiting list available. Current residents have priority to remain in their space.

  • Spring 2020: Limited space available.
  • Summer 2020: Sign up starting 10 a.m. EST Feb. 10, 2020.
  • Fall 2020: Dates vary by complex.
Current Western View residents are emailed in early December with an option to sign a contract for an additional year.
Arcadia Flats and Western View Apartments
For Fall 2020

Dec. 6 Lottery sign-up begins
Jan. 6 Roommate Groups begin
Jan. 31 Lottery sign-up ends at noon; see email for lottery notification.
Feb. 3 Apartment selection for those with lottery numbers begin
Goldsworth Valley and Stadium Drive Apartments; Spindler Hall
For Spring 2020 Nov. 18 Sign-up begins
For Summer 2020 Feb. 10 Sign-up begins
For Fall 2020

March 2 Roommate Groups begin
March 30 Sign-up begins

How to sign up

Use the direct housing portal link or go to GoWMU and under the My Self Service section on the left choose the link "Residence Life Housing."

contract options

Arcadia Flats and Western View

  • 10.5-month contract beginning in late August

Residents sign an individual per-bedroom contract, which means that each roommate is financially responsible for his/her own portion of the rent. If a roommate transfers or moves out, it will not affect your apartment contract. Each resident is responsible for their portion of the utilities at Western View. Utilities and laundry and included at Arcadia Flats. View the 2020-21 contract

Goldsworth Valley and Stadium Drive

  • Summer (sessions I and II) – 4 month contract
  • Academic year (fall and spring) – 8 month contract
  • Spring only contract based on availability

Students with an academic year lease who do not return spring semester due to graduation, student teaching, studying abroad or leaving the university are not financially responsible for spring semester.  


When you sign up for a campus apartment, you will be able to see all available spaces to choose your own bedroom and apartment.  Click on the building you want and your preferred floor, and then see where there is an open bed.  Apartments will be designated as male, female or coed.  Once you choose a bedroom and apartment and e-sign your contract, you will not be able to change your assignment. 


If you have a roommate(s) you want to live with, create a Roommate Group in the housing portal. You will need each roommate's name and WIN. When you go in to choose an apartment, you will see open units where your group fills an apartment. Only one person in the Roommate Group needs to sign up for the apartment. All other roommates will get an email to enter the housing portal to confirm the unit and sign their contract. They will have a week to complete their contract or the space is released to another student.

For students without a roommate request, they can view roommate profile information when they are searching for a unit. Occupied beds will have an "X" over them. Mouse over the "X" to see gender, age, academic major and their answers to lifestyle and interest questions.