Honors STEM/Health Community

Lee Honors College students majoring in science, technology, engineering, math or a health profession can opt to live in the Honors STEM/Health Community. Located in Fox Hall, the community is a floor within the existing Honors Community. The community has a strong partnership with the Lee Honors College, Engineering, Health and Human Services, and the College of Arts and Sciences.

House highlights

  • Residents are honors students majoring in science, engineering, math or a health profession.
  • Past activities include making slime, exposure to undergraduate research opportunities, and Bill Nye style science.
  • With everyone in the same classes, it’s easy to form study groups.
  • A Student Success Center located in the hall is open for tutoring five nights a week. Tutoring staff are upper-level engineers who help with math, chemistry, physics and engineering courses.
  • Computer lab located in the hall.
  • Assistance provided in meeting Lee Honors College co-curricular requirements.
  • Two Learning Community Assistants who are in the Lee Honors College.