Western Heights Laundry

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Convenient laundry facilities where students can do their laundry are located on the third floor of each Western Heights building. Included in the student room charge, the Western Heights laundry program is a core housing programmatic component available to residents of the complex.

Laundry rooms are designed as community environments where students can relax and feel comfortable. Facilities include a lounge space with tables, chairs and televisions. Each laundry room is equipped with 14 washers and 14 dryers plus ample counter space.

For more information about using the Western Heights laundry facilities download the

printable poster.

Secure laundry rooms

  • Laundry benefits are included in the Western Heights room rate.
  • Students swipe into the laundry room using their WMU Bronco Card.
  • Facilities are available to Western Heights residents only for personal use.

Simple and convenient

  • Equipped with energy-efficient washers and dryers.
  • Residents swipe their WMU Bronco Card to activate each machine.


Any condition that is a threat to safety, security or sanitation is possibly considered a maintenance emergency.

Maintenance emergency contact

Daytime hours:
Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
Call the Maintenance Service Center at (269) 387-8514

Evenings, weekends and holidays
Call WMU Public Safety at (269) 387-5555

In case of fire or medical emergency call 911

If a machine breaks

If a problem occurs with one of the machines and the failure is a not an emergency, submit a Bronco Fix-It service request.


For refunds or questions please use the laundry contact form.

This non-transferrable laundry program is provided to Western Heights residents only, and does not apply to traditional residence halls. Benefits apply for each semester, and do not carry over from one semester to the next. The program has no cash value. The Western Heights laundry facilities are for student’s personal use only. Violations of the program guidelines are subject to the WMU Student Code process.