Entry Criteria for K-12 Students

The student(s) must have:
  1. A product or service that is unique, innovative, and has a clear market need.
  2. Proof of concept or working prototype to show.
  3. The product can use existing technology or involve modification of existing technology for a creative new product or service.
Additional Guidance:
  1. The technology can be, but does not need to be, brand new technology or necessarily “high tech.”
  2. A well-developed business plan is not required, but it is expected that the student(s) have an understanding about the unmet need and the opportunity.
  3. A  24” x 36” poster board or a tri-fold table-top board will be required on competition day and must convey information including, but not limited to: what is the product or service, what are the benefits, market for the product or service, and competitive advantage. This will be required on competition day.
  4. It is recommended that visuals be simple, clear, and effective, with good use of tables, charts and or pictures.