Western Michigan University’s Industrial Engineering program is quite unique. Our full program name is actually: Industrial and Entrepreneurial Engineering. Here at WMU we focus on the business side of engineering, emphasizing innovation, and product creation as we facilitate this creativity in several of our classes. Some of our courses include: Entrepreneurial engineering I &II, product design, and more. In many of our classes we design new products, outline companies, and pitch our ideas. As conference hosts this year, we wanted to showcase our unique program; thus an Entrepreneurial Engineering theme.

We recognize that not everyone is interested in exclusively small business building and startups, so this year we will be providing three different tracks: entrepreneurship (small business & ideation focus), intrapreneurship (how to utilize innovative ideas in industry), and a leadership track (similar to big business as well as leadership building).

We hope to spark some creativity with this different take on industrial engineering.

We would love for you to learn more about our program.

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