Advisory Council


The advisory council acts in an advisory role, supporting Western Michigan University's Department of Business Information Systems to understand current and future IT trends in order to improve or develop a curriculum that meets and exceeds the requirements for the future. The council also assists in the planning and financial support of the department's activities and initiatives.


Members of the advisory council are invited and appointed by the department chair. Members are professionals who are leaders in their field of endeavor and are committed to advancing the mission of the Department of Business Information Systems.

Current members

Bob Armbrister
President, SPARK Business Works
Chief Information Officer, CMS Group
Michael Bumgarner
Principal BRM Commercial Technology
The Kellogg Company
Steven Burdick
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Secant Technologies

Brian Del Vecchio
Senior Manager, Financial Services
Ernst & Young LLP

Javier Franco
Information Technology Director
Edwards Garment

Ash Goel
Chief Information Officer
Bronson Healthcare Group

Kevin Jackson
Senior Consultant
BlueGranite, Inc.

Jim Keller
Chief Information Officer
AHIS/Borgess Health

Paul Kennedy
Senior Manager, Advisory
Ernst & Young LLP

Brian Loken
Director, Information Technology Services
CTS Telecom, Inc.

Matthew Mace
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
BlueGranite, Inc.

Joy McClendon
Senior Director (retired), Pfizer, Inc
Haworth College of Business, Western Michigan University

Ganapa (Sashi) Murthy
Innovation Lead, Next-Gen Shopper Experience
The Kellogg Company

Jessica Newton
Director of Information Technology
Auto-Owners Insurance

David Polidori
Vice President of Engineering
Quicken Loans

Jennifer Rutledge
Chief Operating Officer, SalesPage
Chair, Business Information Systems Advisory Council

Susan Stults
Owner and Chief Information Officer, Consultant
Select IT Consulting

Joel Sundman
Cloud Technologies Manager
Whirlpool Corporation

Gale Tabron
Information Technology Specialist
DLA CIV Information Operations

Mark Takacs
Executive Director
Ernst & Young LLP

William Thies
Senior Director, BT, Global Manufacturing and Supply

Rich Thompke
Director, PGS Business Technology
Pfizer, Inc.

Jason Visser
Human Resources and Communications Supervisor
Steelcase, Inc.

Chuck Warner
Secant Technologies

Dick Wolthuis
Director of Product of Development Operations
Level Data