Faculty Interactive Dashboards


Faculty Data:   The tables and graphs in this section contain information about WMU faculty.   Several of the tables provide faculty headcounts based on different categories.



American Association of University Professors (AAUP) Each year, the University participates in a national study of the salaries of full-time instructional faculty prepared by the American Association of University Professors.   The data are prepared in compliance with the definitions supplied by the National AAUP.

Bargaining Unit Faculty:   The Bargaining Unit Faculty includes faculty in the library, academic affairs, the Center for English and Culture for International Students, and Sindecuse Health Center.   Administrative positions, including chairs and directors, are excluded from the bargaining unit.   

Term AppointmentTerm appointment refers to a board-appointed faculty position represented by the AAUP that has a specific duration, usually one year.   A person in such a position is not eligible for tenure.