Retention and Graduation Reports

In his 2017 State of the University address, President Montgomery identified improving retention and graduation rates as a top priority for the institution. The Office of Institutional Research provides a wealth of information to assist those efforts.


 Analytic Studies

During the 2017-18 Fiscal Year, the Office of Institutional Research conducted a study on pre-college factors associated with 2nd-year retention at WMU. Slides from a talk based on this research can be found in the PDF file below.  A more detailed and up-to-date report is currently in preparation.

Modeling First-Year Retention at Western Michigan University


Descriptive Statistics

FTIAC Second-Year Retention Report

FTIAC  Six-Year Graduation Report


CSRDE Retention and graduation reports

CSRDE stands for the Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange, which is an association of two-year and four-year institutions with the common goal of achieving the highest possible levels of student success through collaboratively sharing data, knowledge, and innovation.

To find retention and graduation reports based on the formats designed by CSRDE, please click here


Cognos Reports

Additionally, those with Cognos account access can find many more strategic and operational retention reports in the 21.00 Retention folder.  (You will be prompted to login.)